How to Upgrade by Selling Your Diamond Engagement Ring


You can still remember the day you got the ring. He tried so hard to keep it a surprise, but you knew something was up. He was never good at keeping secrets from you. Even though you saw it coming, you screamed with joy whDiamond-Lighthouse-selling-tiny-ring-woman-judging-man-immasculateden he got down on one knee and took the little box out of his pocket. It wasn’t much. A simple band with a small diamond was all he could afford, but to you on that day, it was the most beautiful engagement ring in the world. The thing is it had nothing to do with the ring. It was all about him, his love for you and his desire to spend the rest of his life with you. Now you’ve been married for a few years, a decade or more, and while your love for each other shines as brightly as it ever did, the ring has lost a bit of its luster. You’ve started thinking about upgrading, but you’re not sure if it’s the right move for you.

You’re not alone. At Diamond Lighthouse, we hear countless stories of people selling their old engagement rings so they can upgrade to one that better fits their lives now. There are many legitimate reasons to upgrade. If you’re thinking about it at all, we at Diamond Lighthouse want to help in any way we can. We’ve compiled this list of reasons we’ve heard from people upgrading their engagement ring. If any of these match your situation even a little bit, it might be time to talk about getting something new.


1.   You can afford the ring you’ve always wanted now.

When he bought you your engagement ring, you had love and not much else. He spent all he could afford to get you that modest band. Now, years have passed, you’ve both been successful in your careers and you’re much more financially secure than when you first got engaged. We guarantee he wanted to get you something bigger and better back then and if he were proposing now, he would. And while the size of the ring might not be a big deal to you, you wouldn’t mind something a little flashier. Something that reflects your lives now, not your lives back when you were sharing that tiny studio apartment and eating tomato soup straight out of the can. Since then, you moved to a bigger place, bought a small house, maybe you even sold that house to buy a bigger one. Why shouldn’t you do the same thing with your engagement ring?


2.   It doesn’t match your style anymore.

Jewelry, like pretty much every other part of your wardrobe, goes in and out of style. Even if you aren’t the type to follow the latest fashion trends, your own personal style has more than likely seen some changes over the years. There’s probably more than one item in your closet you wore all the time back in the day, but wouldn’t consider now. Your engagement ring might be the same way. When you got it, it was stylish, matched everything you wore back then and was the envy of all your friends. Now, maybe your diamond’s shape isn’t in vogue any more. Or maybe you’ve changed your wardrobe a couple times and it just doesn’t go with anything you own. Whatever the reason is, if the ring doesn’t match your style the way it used to, it might be time for an upgrade.


3.   It’s not practical for how you live your life.

Maybe the ring he gave you features a single diamond raised high above the band. It’s beautiful and you love it, but it’s far from practical. It catches on your sleeve every time you change your shirt. You have to make sure the stone doesn’t fall out of the setting while you’re playing with the kids and dog in the backyard. You find yourself being less active than you’d like to be because the ring feels so fragile. You shouldn’t have to change your lifestyle when changing out the ring is so much easier.


4.   You’d like to wear something you had a say in choosing.

There’s nothing wrong with this. Yes, your husband put a lot of time and thought into choosing what he thought was the perfect ring for you, but you know why he did that? He wanted to see you happy. And you were. You were ecstatic and you loved the ring even if it wasn’t what you’d have picked out yourself. Still, you’ve always wondered what your ring would have looked if you were involved in the process. And over time, that feeling has grown to a desire to have some say over the ring you wear every day. Lots of people feel this way. The best thing to do is be honest with your husband about how you feel. Chances are he still wants you to be happy. You could even spin it into a fun date together. Get someone to watch the kids, and go out to a few jewelry stores. Try a few rings on and decide on one you both love. It’ll give the upgraded symbol of your love the added significance of being something you picked out together.


5.   You want to renew your vows to each other.Diamond-Lighthouse-selling-gold-rings-old-couple-hands

This is one of the more common reasons couples look to upgrade their rings. After years of marriage, many couples decide to renew their vows and reaffirm their commitment to each other. If you’re looking to do the same, you might be thinking about getting new rings too, for both you and him. It makes sense. You’ve probably updated your vows, you’re definitely updating the ceremony, why not update the rings as well? You can both use this opportunity to get wedding bands that reflect the people you are now, not who you were as newlyweds.


6.   The rings really don’t matter, your commitment to each other does.

This is the biggest reason to upgrade if you’re considering it at all. At the end of the day, the ring is just an object. It’s a symbol of what’s really important: your love and commitment to each other. That’s why there should be no hard feelings when it comes to upgrading the ring. It’s something you wear every day, so it should be something you’re completely happy with. There’s nothing wrong with changing out the ring as long as your feelings for each other remain just as strong as they were they day you said yes.


So maybe you’ve decided want a bigger diamond or you want to upgrade to a beautiful halo settings made of multiple small ones, but you’re uncertain about price. Yes, you are much more secure financially than you were when you first got engaged, but upgrading the ring is still a significant expense. Diamond Lighthouse can help. Selling your old diamond engagement or wedding rings through Diamond Lighthouse is the only way to be sure you’ll get as much money as possible. Since we don’t buy your ring, we sell it for you, we’re not trying to offer you a low amount like a pawn shop or secondhand jeweler will. We take your diamond jewelry to an exclusive network of expert buyers and dealers in the diamond industry. Buyers who don’t normally deal with the general public. Because of our unique process and our expertise in the diamond industry, we can get you more money than you’ll find anywhere else. The best part? We’ll evaluate your diamond and bring it to our buyers at no cost to you. We only take a flat commission (10% on diamonds over 1 carat) after you agree to a final sale, leaving you with more money to upgrade to the ring of your dreams. Contact Diamond Lighthouse today.



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