What Your Diamond Says About You


The shape of your diamond wedding or engagement ring says a lot about you as a person. (Or if you didn’t pick it out yourself, it says a lot about what whoever gave it to you thinks about you as a person.) With so many different types of diamonds out there, it’s not surprising that different personalities tend to gravitate towards different shapes. But what does your diamond shape say about you? Or if you’re a guy looking to buy an engagement ring for a special lady, what diamond shape best suits her personality? Not quite sure? Don’t worry. Diamond Lighthouse is here to help. Diamond cutters and dealers have been researching which types of people prefer different diamond shapes. The results are not only interesting, but extremely helpful for anyone looking to buy a diamond for someone they love.



The most popular shape of all, with the round brilliant cut accounting for more than 75 percent of all diamonds sold. It’s a classic shape for a classy lady, and looks great in any setting. Women who prefer round diamonds are traditional, elegant and honest. They take comfort in stability and may be resistant to change, but their sentimental nature endears them to all who cross their path.



A similar shape to the round, but with a creative twist. Women who prefer the oval enjoy traditions, but don’t like being tied to them. They rarely follow the crowd and prefer to do their own thing. As with the round diamond, women who like ovals are comforted by stability, but avoid predictability and require enough space to explore and be themselves.



Emerald diamonds come from the art deco period of the 1920s and carry with them the cool confidence of that era. With its bold, strong lines, it’s not surprising that the emerald diamond attracts bold, strong women. Women that prefer emerald diamonds know who they are, what they want and they don’t need approval from anybody. The emerald diamond may not sparkle as brightly as other shapes, but it doesn’t make one bit of difference. The woman who wears this diamond sparkles enough for both of them.



This is the second most popular diamond shape after the round. The shape is fun, flirty and modern and so are the women who wear it. Women who like princess diamonds keep up with all the latest trends, and they aren’t shy about setting a few of their own. They are determined, passionate and exciting. They attract attention and admiration everywhere they go and they love every minute of it.



Similar to the emerald shape, Asscher diamonds are thicker and therefore may sparkle more. The shape is named for its creator, Joseph Asscher, who designed it for King Edward VII. Women who wear the Asscher love to be treated like royalty, particularly royalty from a bygone era. Their style is vintage, they love antiques and period dramas, but that doesn’t mean they’re shy. Asscher wearers have striking, dramatic personalities that make them exciting to be around.



Also known as the teardrop, this uncommon and unbalanced shape often stands alone in its setting, needing no accent stones to augment its beauty. Likewise, women who wear the pear can stand alone as an individual, though they have a particular fondness for traditional romance. Their individuality causes those who prefer the pear to hold themselves and others to a high standard. They aspire to be the best and want nothing less from their diamond.



With its rectangular shape and rounded corners, the cushion was the most popular diamond shape 100 years ago. It’s still worn today by women who not only crave an old-fashioned style, but an old fashioned romance. They are extremely sentimental, but that doesn’t mean they’re wishy-washy or indecisive. Fans of the cushion shape always know exactly what they want, and they know when nothing else will do.



If you’ve ever seen a radiant diamond, you know how fitting the name is for this shape. It’s also a particularly fitting description of the women who wear it. These diamonds are hard to find, and its rare to see one in an engagement ring. Likewise, the women who would want a radiant are unique and they know it. They keep up with trends, but they put their own spin on them. They’re flirty, fiery and they can be divas sometimes, but that’s exactly why their friends and partners love them so much.



This long, pointed oval shape often appears larger than it actually is. Women who choose the marquis diamond are often concerned with appearances, though not necessarily in a bad way. They like things to look their best, regardless of what they have to work with. They could be given a burlap sack to wear and turn it into something beautiful and creative that would soon be on the runway at New York Fashion Week. With this creativity and resourcefulness often comes a dramatic personality. Small emotions aren’t in the marquise wearer’s repertoire. They wear their emotions on their sleeves and express themselves with a fire that may intimidate some people. For the ones that really matter though, it only draws them closer.



Rarely used for engagement or wedding rings, the heart is a sentimental shape for people who revel in romance. Women who choose the heart shape are often nostalgic and get disappointed when reality doesn’t quite match up to how they imagined things to be. They are young at heart, always bursting with youthful energy no matter their age.

Whichever diamond shape you choose, what’s important is that it fits you and expresses who you are. Your diamond was perfect for you when you got it, but given the time that’s passed and all the changes that have happened over the years, does it still fit your personality the way it did back then? Or maybe you see a diamond on this list that suits you even better than the one you have now. Maybe it’s time for an upgrade. If you’re looking to change your current diamond ring out for something that suits you better, contact Diamond Lighthouse. We make sure you get the maximum value for your old diamonds, so you can buy a new one that’s perfect for you.


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