The Hottest Trends in Diamond Rings Right Now


Now is an exciting time for diamond lovers. If you read our article on diamond ring trends through history, you’ll remember that the advent of the internet has made it difficult to pick out a specific style that represents the present day. With all the information out there about diamonds and different styles of engagement ring, more people are finding diamond rings that speak to them personally rather than following any sort of trend. That has led to the exciting situation we have now where no matter what kind of diamond ring you’re looking for, chances are you’ll be able to find it with very little effort. That said, there’s still a few distinct styles that have risen above the rest in terms of popularity.

Fancy Shapes:

While the traditional round brilliant remains as popular as ever, more couples are deciding they want something different. Now, brides and brides-to-be are almost as likely to wear fancy-shape diamonds on their fingers as round brilliants. What’s a fancy shape? Anything other than a round brilliant. Emerald, Cushion, Oval and Pear cuts are particularly in demand right now. Fancy-shaped diamonds give your jewelry a unique look and sparkle unlike rings featuring a traditional round diamond. And with so many to shapes to choose from, you’re much more likely to get a ring that looks completely different from any other you’ll come across.

Bezel and Double Halo Settings:

Bezel settings are both practical and stylish, and that seems to be a combination a lot of folks go for these days. A bezel setting encircles the diamond’s girdle, the widest part of the diamond. It’s much more stable than traditional pronged settings and it has the added bonus of making your diamond appear slightly larger than it actually is. (Just make sure you get one in white gold or platinum. Yellow gold will make the diamond appear yellowish.) Similar to Bezel settings, double halos are also a popular choice right now. These settings encircle the center stone with two rows of smaller diamonds. Not only does it make the center stone look larger than it actually is, it gives your ring a unique, textured and three-dimensional look.

East-West Settings:

Combined with one of the more elongated fancy shapes, like oval or pear, an East-West setting is an easy way to change the look of your diamond completely. All it does is orient the diamond across your finger instead of along it like traditional settings will. It may not sound like much, but you’d be surprised at what a simple change of angle will do for the look of an oval or marquis cut diamond.

Colored Diamonds:

Not content with the standard colorless look, many people buying diamond rings today are after something with more color to it. Look on the fingers of young women today, and you’re likely to see diamonds in yellow, green, pink, blue and even brown. Even if you can’t afford a naturally-colored diamond (they can get pretty pricey), permanent treatments such as irradiation and High Pressure, High Temperature treatment can get you a beautiful, vivid diamond for a reasonable price. Whether you want a fancy-colored diamond as your center stone, or just to augment the look of a larger colorless diamond, these gems are a great way to make sure your diamond ring fits your personality perfectly.

Vintage Rings:

Everything old is new again. Diamond rings have changed so dramatically in style over the years that if you look back now, you’re bound to find something you like. Jewelry buyers today like the classic look. Whether they want a geometric Art Deco ring, a more delicate, lacey Edwardian band or embrace their inner flower child with some jewelry from the ‘60s, young couples today can find anything they want with ease. That’s right, one of the biggest trends in modern jewelry is jewelry from the past.

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