The 6 Strangest-Looking Diamonds You’ve Ever Seen

With all the diamonds we at Diamond Lighthouse have helped people sell, you’d think we’d have seen just about every form a crystallized clod of carbon could take. Not so. Diamonds are formed deep in the Earth’s mantle where there’s enough heat and pressure to turn carbon into these beautiful crystals. As you might imagine, it’s not the most exact process in the world. A lot of weird stuff can happen down there, creating diamond formations that are gem-quality, but unlikely to be seen on anyone’s finger. The fossil fanatics at Devonian Depot took the time to show off their collection of strange gems the Earth has spit out.

Intersecting Cubes

Photo by Devonian Depot

Though this strange-looking phenomenon is actually fairly common, it’s extremely rare for both cubes to be gem-quality like the diamond in this picture. Sure, it’s probably possible to cut this rock into a more wearable shape, but with a shape this cool, why would you want to? It’s even been polished to give us a look at its strange internal structure that doesn’t quite seem to match the outside shape. With a diamond this weird, we’re starting to think it’s only a matter of time before its extraterrestrial owners return for their lost warp drive crystal.

Skeletal Diamond

Photo by Devonian Depot

This clear white diamond was apparently supposed to be a cube, but its faces all collapsed inward. This has the effect of revealing some of the diamond’s internal structure, as well as making it look kind of creepy. Does it kind of look like there’s a human skull in the middle of this diamond, or are we just seeing things?

Macle Cluster

Photo by Devonian Depot

These triangular diamond crystals, occurring when one diamond shares part of its structure with another, are fairly common on their own, but Devonian Depot says it’s rare to find them grouped in interlocking clusters like this. Especially considering all four of the macles here are clear, white, gem-quality diamonds. Even in this raw and unpolished state, this diamond actually looks beautiful. Somehow though, we don’t expect anyone to consider a macle cluster engagement ring. Unless you decide “amorphous blob” really expresses your personality.

Ballas Cluster

Photo by Devonian Depot

If you thought the last entry was an indecipherable blob, take a look at this. Diamond ballas are spherical crystals that don’t split along defined planes the way normal diamonds do. In other words, they have no cleavage. (We’ll let you make your own jokes there.) Here, you see a bunch of gem-quality ballas grouped together in a line, creating either the weirdest crystalline insect you’ve ever seen, or from the right angle, the ship from Firefly. Big damn diamond:  Ain’t it just?

Elongated Dodecahedron

Photo by Devonian Depot

Hey, nobody told us there’d be math. Don’t worry, we’ll break it down for you. This particular diamond features dodecahedral cleavage (heh). That means it has exactly 12 flat faces. Cool, but not particularly strange as far as diamonds go. What makes this one special is how long it is. Seriously, look at that thing. It’s big enough that you can clearly see all 12 faces. If anything, this diamond makes the argument that bigger isn’t always better. Unless you want to wear a diamond that looks like a foot.

Dual-Colored Diamond

Photo by Devonian Depot

It’s not rare for diamonds to form fused together like this, but what makes this gem especially interesting is how one of the eight-sided gems is a fancy yellow, while the other is a clear white diamond. The yellow is caused by a color inclusion in the diamond. The crystal then refracts light in such a way that it makes the entire diamond appear yellow. We wouldn’t be surprised if this kind of diamond caught on as jewelry. Clusters of different colored diamonds have become very popular lately, so why not combine them into one multicolored stone. Sure, it could use a bit of cutting and polishing, but wouldn’t this look amazing on your finger?

Of course, you don’t have to wear raw diamonds on your finger if you want a unique shape. There are tons of diamonds on the market specifically cut to be unique. You can get diamonds shaped like a shield, a heart or an arrowhead just to name a few. If you look hard enough, or are willing to pay for a custom cut, you can get a diamond in pretty much any shape you want. Looking to wear something a little different this year? Why not sell your old diamond jewelry to fund your funkier shape? Diamond Lighthouse can help you make the upgrade. When you sell your old jewelry with Diamond Lighthouse, we’ll take it to our exclusive network of expert jewelers in the diamond industry. These are buyers who don’t normally deal with the public, but are willing to offer more for your secondhand diamonds than you’ll find anywhere else. With the money you’ll make with Diamond Lighthouse, you could afford to upgrade to almost any shape you want. Even that weird foot-shaped one if that’s what you’re into.



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