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Time For A Diamond Upgrade: Ten Places to Buy

One of your fondest memories is of the day you said “Yes.”  You will never forget that day or the feelings it brought.  You will also never forget the ring itself.  Yet over time, your tastes have probably evolved.  The stone, while forever beautiful in your mind, may not match with your current style.  You may have a marquise or princess cut diamond, but would now love a round brilliant, which is presently very popular (Learn More).  So you have made a bold decision and elected to upgrade your diamond.  The money that your old stone will garner shall go a long way in helping to finance your new one.  From the modest to the extravagant, here are ten locations/outlets where you can upgrade your ring, and how each could relate to your specific purchase.

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The 10 Most Famous Diamonds in the World

At Diamond Lighthouse, we’re fascinated by diamonds and the role they play in history. As tokens of love or spoils of war, humans have fought, paid for and even died for these precious gems. At Diamond Lighthouse, we hear fascinating stories about diamonds every day. Whether your diamonds tell the story of a grand adventure or a touching romance, we’d love to hear it. Or, if you’re looking for your next adventure, Diamond Lighthouse can help you sell your old diamonds and embark on the next great chapter in your life story. Every diamond has a story and to prove it, we’ve collected the stories behind 10 of the most famous diamonds in the world.

10. The Millennium Star

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