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Hurry Up and Marry Me Already


Marry in haste and repent at leisure” 

What is up with this trend of rushing head first into marriage?

Long gone are the days when the “Quickie Vegas Wedding” was universally mocked as being beyond impetuous and just flat out ridiculous.  Now, people seem quite willing to walk down the aisle as nonchalantly as they’d walk down a grocery store aisle.  Wildly successful shows like the “Bachelorette” and, um, “The Bachelor,” showcase how we currently believe finding ‘true love’ is feasible within a few weeks and with your newfound, completely compatible partner, you are ready to enter into a bond that theoretically will last a lifetime.  The 1980’s saw hit dating shows such as “Love Connection,” where the big commitment issue was whether or not the couple would go on another date. Today, we have “Married at First Sight,” where the contestants are expected to tie the knot after one meeting.  This pretty much sums up where we are at.
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