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Spring Cleaning: Alternative Style


Wonderful things seem to be blossoming all around, don’t they?  Seedlings bud, birds gleefully chirp and solar rays gently warm your face.  Spring is in the air, and subsequently in your step.  After an unfathomably long and stuffy winter you finally fling the windows open and breathe in the fresh, fragrant air.  “Time for some serious spring cleaning,” you firmly state out loud, prompting your cat to look at you quizzically.

However, this transitional time of renewal and cleansing doesn’t have to be strictly relegated to your home furnishings.  Yes, it’s the ideal season to scour your carpets, floors, shutters and gazebos – but there’s a whole other faction of clutter that you can expunge from your life with ease.  Yes, this specific list refers to dissolving those things that can seriously weigh down one’s consciousness and spirit.

Get ready for a cathartic journey into the realm of the metaphorically immaculate.
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