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Revenge 2: Revenge of the Dude

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It’s ok, fellas; we’ve all been there.  We’ve all had a love that just wasn’t meant to be.  In most cases, things slow down in a flailing relationship (or come to a screeching halt) long before a betrothal band is slipped on the lady’s left digit.  Sometimes a proposal of marriage is offered up…and the fairer sex replies with a “no / nein / niet / oh heavens no (British).” In rarer circumstances yet, the female in question takes the ring…and then rudely rescinds their acceptance and hands the sadly sparkling thing back.

So now what? Continue reading Revenge 2: Revenge of the Dude

Sell Unwanted Diamonds = Get Cool Stuff

Exchanging Your Diamond for Diamond Inspired Objects

You have a diamond ring at home, sitting at the bottom of a jewelry box, collecting dust.  Or maybe you have a pair of diamond earrings that a certain someone gave to you that are a certain kind of ugly.  Who knows, maybe you’ve even been handed down a dazzling bejeweled crown from an aristocratic ancestral member of the Royal Hungarian court.  The point is, you’re never going to wear any of these darn diamonds.  However, you can easily turn them into cash and buy some awesome diamond inspired objects.  By selling your diamond through Diamond Lighthouse, you can retain your diamond’s memory and get some really cool stuff in its place. Continue reading Sell Unwanted Diamonds = Get Cool Stuff

Unusual Diamond Uses


Diamonds have it pretty hard.

Well, as the most dense substance on the planet, how could they not?  Having originally been deemed “adámas” by the ancient Greeks (their word for ‘unbreakable’), diamonds know a thing or two about having their mettle tested.  Aside from the engagement and wedding ring obligations they commonly pull, diamonds have tons of other work to do.  Utilized in industries that range from ultra grade electronics to highly advanced medicine, diamond duties are definitely as diverse as they are demanding.  Read on for a conclusive list of diamond jobs, old and new. Continue reading Unusual Diamond Uses