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Retirement Planning Guide

Special Guest Blog – by Art Koff 

The misconception that all diamonds appreciate in value can hit boomers and retirees the hardest. Many clients of Diamond Lighthouse need help selling their diamond assets in order to pay off debt. According to a Fidelity Research Institute report, over half of boomers and retirees don’t plan their retirement and many end up struggling on a fixed income. The fact that cash from unworn diamond jewelry could be put towards an interest bearing financial investment is one of the many measures that can help. Making sound financial choices requires a road map.

We are pleased to share the following article Retirement Planning Guide by guest author and personal finance expert Art Koff, founder of RetiredBrains.com, frequent contributor to MarketWatch and author of the eBook, Lifetime Planning Guide: Resources for Boomers & Seniors. His guide begins with a checklist which will give you an overview of what a professional financial planner might ask and includes many tips on preparing you for a stress free retirement path.

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