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How to Market a Diamond


Diamonds were not always viewed as a symbol of love and devotion; the sentiment, like most popular sentiments these days, was nothing less than the result of advertising and marketing prowess.

In the 1940s, major South African diamond conglomerate, De Beers, decided the diamond ring would be the engagement ring for the ladies of the United States, but they had to figure out how to let everybody else in on the news. They understood that the most important part of marketing diamonds would be associating the gem with the elusive qualities of love. According to Entrepreneur magazine, after conducting some of the most extensive marketing research to date, De Beers’s hired advertising henchmen, who determined that the American public needed to be instructed on the importance of the diamond ring as a symbol of everlasting love.
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MORE Diamond Industry Insider Terms!



Bravo.  You guys did such a good job of learning all those diamond pro expressions and phraseologies that we’re going to give you another healthy dosage to consume.  Learn these terms and continue to dazzle diamond dealers, jewelers, cutters, polishers, miners and even that small faction of highly skilled diamond thieves.

All right, class, get out your pencils.
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I Want to Sell My Diamond – but will I get killed on the taxes ?


Well look at you, all eager to get a super early start on those tax filings.  While most people wait a little longer before this is a concern, an even greater number of the masses (the Procrastinator Posse) wake up on April 14th with an “uh oh,” and a frantic call to their accountant.  You, however, are all set to turbo tax your way to an early return.  This gets you thinking “…What else can I make a nice profit on this year?  Well, I have these diamond earrings I got in the early 90s…set in the shape of Mickey Mouse’s head…that I wouldn’t be caught dead in.  I know I can get a pretty gorgeous penny for these puppies.  But wait!  What kind of taxes will I have to pay on this sale next year??”

Sound familiar?
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How Carat Weight Affects Diamond Price



Sometimes life just isn’t fair.  This applies to relationship savviness, athletic prowess, work place politics and…diamonds.

The primary properties which dictate a diamond’s worth are slightly subjective.  One gemologist may categorize a diamond’s clarity as VS-1 (very slightly included 1) and another may say that same diamond is VS-2.  This seemingly small discrepancy in grading can actually have a quite an impact on the diamond’s value.  The same goes for a diamond’s cut and color; both of these are determined by (the albeit expert) eye of a human.  Hence, there can be a disagreement from one diamond professional to the next if a diamond is K or J in color, or if its cut is ideal or not. Continue reading How Carat Weight Affects Diamond Price

Cursed Diamonds


There is a theory/myth that an engagement ring that is given back to the bestower is forever cursed.  Many wonder if there is any validity to this concept.  There are, however, some historically infamous diamonds that have been proven as damned.  The following precious yet pernicious stones have definitively wreaked havoc and devastation on seemingly all who have dared to possess them.

The Regent Diamond allegedly became cursed after a slave stole it from a Kollur mine in Andrha Pradesh, India and hid it in an open wound in his leg …and a British sea captain cut it out, swiftly murdered him and unleashed a supposedly dark magic.

via en.Wikipedia.org
via en.Wikipedia.org

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