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First Pawnshops, Then E-bay, Now Diamond Lighthouse

So, you have some diamonds to sell, what next? Once upon a time, jewelers and pawn shops were the only option to get something back for pre-owned diamonds.  Nowadays there are a few more options – you have online buyers, online auctions like eBay as well as buy and sell platforms like Craigslist – then there’s Diamond LightHouse.  Diamond LightHouse provides an alternative online option where the public can sell their pre-owned diamonds at a fair price – an online option that is specifically geared towards selling diamonds – it’s literally the house specialty.


While eBay and Craigslist are both a popular means of selling diamonds, where the item(s) you are selling are widely accessible to the public and offers can be made; there are, however, no assurances that there will be a sale.  Patience is an absolute must when dealing with these online options, as it can take quite some time for interested parties to make contact. Granted they are fairly easy and straightforward to use, there are a few drawbacks to selling diamonds en masse via eBay or Craigslist, for example establishing an accurate price, inadequate diamond expertise (unless you’re a jeweler), fewer comparable products, transaction speed and unethical dealers who really raise safety concerns when selling diamonds on Ebay.


A diamond buyers expertise is in diamonds.  As a result of this expertise, they can accurately grade your pre-owned diamond at the best possible price according to the current market which means you get the best possible return on your diamond.  Our diamond experts assist you throughout the entire process, any questions or concerns you have are answered with their knowledgeable and educated professional advice. The speed of the transaction is by far superior – the entire process once you have provided your approval, can be completed in as little as 2 days including funds in your account. Furthermore, online diamond buyers are able to buy from customers far and wide compared to selling to an individual who is looking for a very specific item and size.  Finding that ideal customer who is ok with making a high-cost online purchase without ever seeing the product first hand can take quite a long time. Selling it yourself also means having to provide a description, pictures, and any special characteristics of the item being sold – without a thorough knowledge of diamonds or the diamond market, it can be difficult.

Diamond Lighthouse gives you the option to have your pre-owned diamond sold quickly and securely. Fill out our simple form, submit it and one of your expert representatives will contact you and explain your next steps.  It doesn’t get any easier.