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Solving the Credit Card Debt Enigma


Everyone hears about how ‘Americans are in debt,’ but what does that specifically mean?  Where are these debts stemming from, and most importantly, how do we combat them?

There are 4 major categories that dominate the debt umbrella.  These are credit card, student loan, auto loan and medical expenses.  Most Americans dealing with significant debt face at least one of these main groupings, and sometimes all four.  Mortgage debt is another big one, but this obviously only affects Americans who own property.
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10 Places to NOT Sell Your Diamond

That lovely cushion cut diamond ring your great aunt left to you has been sitting in it’s velvet case, untouched, for years.  Your engagement ring has lasted several years longer than your actual marriage.  Those gigantic, pendulum-like earrings your adoring husband got you have yet to see the light of day.  Whatever your reason, you have elected to sell your diamonds.  Converting your gemstones into cash is quite a viable and potentially headache free way to significantly supplement your income.


However, there are numerous pitfalls you can inadvertently find yourself trapped in while attempting to make the sale.  Many outlets that may appear like good options either are loaded with people who have no interest in purchasing diamonds or, even worse, individuals looking to take advantage of you.  Diamond Lighthouse is here to ensure that you don’t fall into any of these traps.
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