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Anniversary Gemstone Gift List: Years 15 – 65

photo via Queensbee.ru

Whew!  So you’ve successfully survived the first 10 years together.  Bravo.  Now it’s time for the big ones: anniversaries 15 through 65.  Here is an exhaustive list of the gems and precious materials ascribed to each year.
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What to Do with Your Ex’s Stuff

photo via Tag-Art

As you clean out the garage one day, you come face to face with a large cardboard box.  Hastily written on the side in marker is “THEIR JUNK.”  You’re then faced with the ultimate dilemma: keep, return or throw into the river and watch it float out of your life for once and all.  What’s the right decision?  When the time comes to ask “What do I do with my ex’s belongings/presents they got me/things we shared?”, you may need guidance in dealing with this potentially mentally Sisyphean task.

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