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10 More Diamond Ditties


They just can’t stop turning them out, can they? 

Musical artists never seem to get tired of writing songs that are about, feature or memorably mention diamonds.  Not sure what it is about these reflective stones that is so aurally pleasing or visually inspirational to these singer-songwriters (perhaps because diamonds look like disco balls, and these people all secretly love this retro, lost art form?)  Well, no need to analyze their musical motives; let’s just give a listen to some of the most recent diamond ditties to hit the scene (aka, Spotify).  

Rihanna – We Found Love 

Everyone’s favorite Caribbean Queen has dazzled again, this time paying tribute to the gloriously golden orb of the gem world: the yellow diamond.  In her insanely catchy track “We Found Love,” RiRi dishes on how her and some unnamed (and lucky) gentleman were able to discover some sort of amorous bond in a highly unlikely and spiritually destitute location.  A funky synth-organ beat from Calvin Harris and the rest is music gold…or, should we say, fancy vivid yellow diamonds.  


Lil Wayne – Diamonds and Girls 

Wildly popular lilliputian rapper Lil Wayne (known to his fans as “Weezy” – most likely because he’s a huge fan of the band Weezer) is not once to mince words.  Here he leaves no doubt as to what are the two things that he is systematically seeking most in life; more than any other objects or genders out there.  


Arcade Fire – Headlights Look Like Diamonds

Here we have a love ballad of sorts, where the immolated arcade crew describes a lover as having these gem-reminiscent ‘headlights,’ which one can assume means “eyes.”  As said headlights approach, they bring the promise of all the glittering goodness inherent to diamonds.  Sadly, once this car has metaphorically sailed by, the “Taillights burn like coals,” which can mean the singer was ‘burned’ (more fire symbolism), but also possibly has regressed a bit (as coals are thought to be the early form of diamonds …even though that is simply a myth).  In any event, this is a super-meta song that shows just how bad love can scorch in a conflagration of searing beauty.  


Jay-Z – Diamond is Forever

Ah, not to be confused with diamonds, plural, this track is about the one and only diamond in Jay-Z’s life.  That’s right, his true Bae: himself.  Mr. H to the Izz-O pontificates on this rap about how truly phenomenal his spitting skills are, amongst other accolades.  The actual diamond referenced here is His Truly, and the self-aggrandizing is not wholly undeserved; it’s a shout-out to how his fans make a diamond shape with their hands at his concerts in an homage to his sparkling performances and hard-Roc-A-Fella spirit. 


Rob Thomas – Her Diamonds 

We now take a turn for the touching in this love inspired serenade from Thomas to his wife.  Apparently she has a debilitating disease that affects her immune system, and this song was written to compliment her for her strength and bravery in facing it.  Her tears seem to him like diamonds, indicating that what is inside her is simultaneously aesthetically beautiful and fundamentally hard.  She sings on the tune as well, giving it even more emotional substance.    


Sheryl Crow – Diamond Ring

The Missouri native hits us with another gruffly sweet, yet epic folk tune, this one about diamond rings.  Crow has seen her fair share of them over the years, as she has been proposed to three times.  Hence, her collection of the things is quite extensive, relatively speaking.  This song is supposedly about her break-up with performance-enhanced cyclist Lance Armstrong,  but Crow never confirmed this tidbit of gossip.  Either way, the track is pleasing to the ears, despite its slightly melancholic tone. 


Common – Diamonds

Ironically, there is nothing that lyrically commonplace when it comes to the One they Call Common.  This track is rife with modest statements from the Chicago bred wordsmith, such as “I’m a rare diamond that’s hard to find, man,” and others that express that his time is ever so valuable as well “My time, man, precious like diamonds.”  A Common misconception about diamonds (indelibly sung by Rihanna) is that they “shine,” when they simply reflect and refract light; this is further espoused here too: “Imma be shining til I die, man.”  


Tim McGraw – Diamond Rings and Old Barstools

Off the seminal 2015 album “Sundown Heaven Town,” this country gem illustrates the classic case of a couple that just doesn’t see eye to eye.  The titular juxtaposition of what are presumably breathtakingly lovely engagement rings and beat up, dingy, beer soaked chairs is representative of the two warring lovers (fairly certain it’s ok to assume the lady in question is the dazzling diamond and the dude is the stinky stool).  McGraw’s crooner cousin, Catherine Dunn, sings back up vocals on this jam, providing the “Coke” to this “watered down whiskey.” 


Devon Allman’s Honeytribe – Endless Diamond

An odd hybrid of sounds and styles, this mystical rock song details the “endless diamonds” of the world, which ostensibly are humans that were able to reach the pinnacle of their potential.  It seems as if the narrator is some sort of deity or possibly an alien life form that is watching over these little sparkling entities called ‘people.’  The metal meets country meets Brit Rock flavor of this song is definitively indicative of the intriguingly diverse nature of the human race, and our eternally bright moments.  


Supergrass – Diamond Hoo Ha Man 

Fun loving English power-pop-punk posse Supergrass truly know how to have a good time.  That’s the core essence of this bizarrely named track.  According to the band, a Diamond Hoo Ha Man is a reckless chap who is always up for some shenanigans, a “really dodgy Fear and Loathing-type traveling salesman.”  Whatever this phrase really means is immaterial; the bottom line is that this is a great term and should be used stateside from this day forth.  

-Joe Leone 

How Much Jewelry is Too Much to Wear at Once?

9 Guidelines


Coco Chanel once advised, “When accessorizing, always take off the last thing you put on.” It is commonly understood that jewelry overkill is a fashion no-no, but sometimes it’s hard to tell when you’ve crossed that line. What’s more, it’s hard to tell if you should take off the last two or three things you put on instead of just one.

There is no set rule about the number of pieces one should wear, but there are a few guidelines to follow when making the choice about whether to slip on that bracelet or to put it back on the velvet lining in your jewelry box and save it for next time.


Guideline 1: Don’t allow your jewelry to distract from yourself and your outfit. When choosing what jewelry to wear, you should ask whether it will add or detract from your natural look and your outfit. For example, don’t wear a stack of bangles and a stack of necklaces. Opt for one stack if you’re a fan of the look. Wearing too much jewelry confuses onlookers and can ruin the beauty of your favorite piece. (source: Alexandra Styles)

Guideline 2: Although this contradicts the above statement that says there are no rules for how much jewelry to wear, there is at least one rule: Don’t wear big earrings and a big necklace. Instead, choose a focal piece to centralize your look and coordinate other pieces with it. (source: Wall Street Journal)


Guideline 3: Coordinate your jewelry with the material you’re wearing. Thin silks and sheers do not go well with chunky jewelry, and the chunky jewelry can appear to be too much adornment. Similarly, tiny, thin chains on your necklace don’t usually suit a chunky sweater. (source: Street Directory, Wall Street Journal)

Guideline 4: Think about the vibe you’re aiming to achieve. If you’re going for boho, you can wear more jewelry. If you’re going for elegant, stay away from lots of jewelry, unless you have figured out how to layer necklaces like Coco. (Harper’s Bazaar)


Guideline 5: Pay attention to your hair. If you have long hair and you plan to wear it down, dangly earrings may look chaotic or messy. If you have short hair or thin hair and you wear huge earrings, they may stand out too much and be distracting. In this case, the size of the jewelry makes it look like you are wearing too much. (source: Street Directory)

Guideline 6: Dress for the occasion. If you’re going to a fancy fundraiser dinner, match elegant jewelry and go big, but not too big. But if you’re going to the grocery store, class, or work, you might want to opt for less jewelry. (source: YouQueen)


Guideline 7: No matter where you are, don’t wear jewelry that is noisy. Literally. While bangles are great, jingling bangles in a quiet library or at the workplace or not. Don’t be the annoying cubicle neighbor; quiet your jewelry. (source: Street Directory)

Guideline 8: If you’re wearing statement jewelry, wear one piece. Matching sets are usually too much. Save the necklace, bracelet, or earrings for another occasion. (source: Harper’s Bazaar)


Guideline 9: Remember that jewelry isn’t a must-wear. Sometimes your clothing does all the work and you don’t need to add anything to it. For example, if you are wearing a top or dress with a low neckline, you don’t need jewelry. Your pretty collarbone is enough. However, choosing a pair of look-at-me statement earrings is a great idea to bring balance to your look. (source: Alexandra Styles)

Jewelry is a lot of fun, and well-placed jewelry can make you stand out. However, wearing too much jewelry at once or wearing all the wrong kind can make you stand out in a way you don’t want to. If you’ve got diamond jewelry you know is too much, contact us to find out more about your options to sell it!



Clear Stud Earrings 


These are some of the most versatile jewelry items ever conceived.  Always classy, they work in basically every situation you can dream up, from an upscale, uptown gala to impromptu cocktails with the girls.  Perfectly suited for a wide range of individuals, from those who summer in Monaco to those who are on a budget.  Actual diamonds clearly look great, as well as Cubic Zirconia, which from across the room rival diamonds in terms of sparkle-ability.  The standard size most people go with is 0.25 carat (each).  This gives you just enough of an eye-catching glimmer while still remaining subtle.  Obviously, you are free to run wild here, and can get whatever size stones you like (just remember, it doesn’t look nice if your earlobes are sagging…)

Clear Jewel Pendant Necklace


Much like clear stud earrings, this necklace adds a touch of elegance and opulence to your overall style.  Unless you want everyone in the room gawking, it’s best advised to keep the stone size conservative (roughly a half carat), as this allows you to wear it both day and night.  The simple crystal pendant is the perfect compliment to a uniform color dress (a darker hue showcases the sparkle, a lighter shade diminishes the apparent shine).

Pearl Stud Earrings


All the world’s your oyster when…well, you get it.  Pearls will forever remain chic, while not being too showy.  There’s just something undeniably sophisticated yet also mystical about pearls; they way they are formed, at sea, gives them an almost ethereal quality.  As pearls come in a variety of shades, choose the hue that compliments your skin tone.

Learn how to match colors to your skin tone here.

String of Pearls necklace


As we just went over, Girls just look good in pearls.  The iconic pearl necklace has remained a consistent fashion staple for a reason: it’s both chic and timeless.  When picking out one for yourself (or as a present for another), make sure you select the perfect length; too long and it doesn’t look neat, too short and you’ll look like a naughty puppy in a collar.

Hoop Earrings


Hoop there it is.  These earrings work on virtually every woman, regardless of age or personal style.  The key to the perfect pair?  Lies in your facial structure.  If you have teensy eensy features (ie- a button nose), it’s best to pick more slender and diminutive hoops.  Conversely, if you have more striking or prominent features, a larger hoop size is the way to go.  Another benefit, these are a great accessory if you like to wear your hair up.

Chandelier Earrings


Here is your chance to be bold!  …Well, not too bold, but definitely fancy.  Just as the name suggests, these bountiful adornments can be the centerpiece of an outfit, catching light and reflecting it into the night.  Best with a clear stone (diamonds for the extravagant, crystal or CZ for the budget conscious) set in simple silver, gold or platinum.  Here you let the shape of the earrings do all the talking.

Statement Earrings


The grandest part of statement earrings?  You get to make whichever statement you choose.  These are the one piece in your jewelry collection where you get to just let loose and have fun.  Whatever size or shape you choose here, you may want to try to keep the colors neutral enough to match well with a wide assortment of outfits (then again, you may not!)  Remember: make a statement, make an impression.

Chain Bracelet


Worn alone or with a whole bunch of other bracelets, the chain has remained in vogue for decades for a reason.  Its sleek design, that melds an industrial look with the glamorous tone of precious metals, has given it staying power.  Avoid too much detailing on your chain bracelet, or additional baubles, if you want it to work for many occasions; a nice simple and smooth metal look goes with just about anything.

Statement Necklace 


Ok, every woman should have a necklace that unabashedly touts who they are – or ten of them!  The statement necklace lets you express yourself with gems, chains, beads, feathers, charms, geometric shapes, figurines…you get the picture.  These pieces can transform any outfit from blah to oo-la-la.  Ideally, the backdrop top it’s set against should be plain or simple enough that the necklace can really stand out in all its inherent resplendency.

Cocktail Ring


The cocktail ring makes you feels simultaneously regal and fun, like you’re at a grand Gatsby soiree.  This piece works remarkably well as a complement to other jewelry or as a stand alone dazzler.  A brilliant stone set in a neutral metal of your choosing is the way to go.  Depending on your personal fashion sense, you can choose a bright and colorful center stone for your ring, or a slightly muted one, such as pearl or even onyx.

Wrist Watch


Granted, this item may not be a favorite of every gal, but an elegant watch can help bolster many a drab outfit to sophisticated and classic heights.  Very important here is sizing; you should make sure your watch fits snug enough on your wrist without being restrictive.  Again, a uniform precious metal will give you the desired look of grandeur and style.

The above jewelry go-to’s are of course just suggestions.  Feel free to mix and match styles, according to your own unique flair.  At the end of the day, there is only one person who knows what looks best on you: you!


Missing any of these jewelry essentials?  Sell old diamond jewelry with Diamond Lighthouse and finance new pieces in style!  Find out more.

-Joe Leone 

11 Songs Featuring Diamonds

Have you ever noticed how many songs either mention or are about diamonds in some way? For shiny hunks of carbon, these stones seem to capture the imagination like no other. It doesn’t really work with any other rock. “Graphite is a Girl’s Best Friend” just doesn’t have the same ring to it. Neither does “Lucy in the Sky with Schist.” Since we at Diamond Lighthouse aren’t allowed to consume anything that isn’t somehow diamond related*, we love that there are so many songs that predominantly feature these precious gems. Even if they do get things wrong sometimes. (Looking at you, Rihanna.)

*We have to sprinkle crushed diamonds on everything we eat like salt. They keep us locked up overnight in diamond cages. Please, send help. They won’t let us leave.

The Classics

1. Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eL7ETLLkQTY]
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