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Before You Say “I Do”…


8 Must-Ask Questions Prior to Proposal

Most people who are on the cusp of proposing/being proposed to are familiar with the standard questions which you should ask your potential new betrothed. Such inquiries, ubiquitously regarded as mandatory, include “Do you want kids, and how will they be raised?”, “Where do you see yourself in 20+ years?”, “What religion do you practice?” and “What’s your financial status?” There are a few more topics which should be broached as well, just to fully ensure everyone is one the same premarital page. Some of these may be a little awkward to bring up, but you probably want to know if your intended spouse incessantly plays World of Warcraft all night or is a communist, right?

Any children / pets / spongy relatives I don’t know about?

Some people live their lives by the “don’t ask, don’t tell” rule. If not prompted, they may never disclose the fact that they have a 12 foot long pet Komodo dragon in their attic, a gambling addicted cousin who “needs to crash for a few…months” or are the matriarch/patriarch of a whole other family, replete with 6 offspring, residing in Des Moines that they live with when on “business trips.” Sometimes you just have to ask.


Any (other) strange relatives I don’t know about?

If you’re at the point of almost agreeing to get hitched, you’ve probably met most of your beloved’s family. This means you’ve encountered the whack jobs (every single clan has them, no need to feel ashamed of your conspiracy-theory-spouting great uncle with the monstrous monobrow). However, there sometimes lurks an abominable creature of such epic proportions that they are never even mentioned until after the nuptials have been legally confirmed and eternal vows have been spoken. At this point, it’s too late to protest when a Bigfoot-hunting hillbilly cousin shows up at your wedding reception, with a poorly wrapped, “fresh” roadkill raccoon as a present.


I know what’s currently in your bank account…but what/who do you owe??

Look, there’s nothing wrong with being financially destitute, as long as they are totally honest about it. Even if your soon to be fiance-ed partner has shown you that they have zero available funds, there may also be a sizable debt chimera churlishly pursuing their every move. You need to explicitly ask and find out how much they owe, and to whom. If it’s 18 grand in student loans, that is something you can both work at mitigating. If it’s 100+ k to “Louie the Finger,” you may want to think twice before you walk down the aisle with this potential “hit” target.


Have any of your exes “boiled bunnies?”

Of course it’s only natural that your honey boo has had some previous relationships (if they haven’t, and you aren’t still in high school, this may be yet another crimson flag). Even if you do not desire to dig deep into their love life past, you should gently inquire if there are any grudge holding, spell casting, stalkerific exes waiting in the bushes for you. This is not necessarily a deal breaker, you just should be prepared (with mace, a machete or judo chops).


Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the _____ party?

Sure, you and your cuddle muffin are most likely in agreement about important political and social issues …but were they once an active participant in a violent coup, fervently sporting an anti-aircraft rifle? Yes, people can change, but if your relationship has progressed from mere dalliances to the hope of an entire life spent together, it can be vital to know of any lingering affiliations with incendiary organizations or conflicting ideologies they may be harboring. There is no circumstance where it won’t behoove you to know if they used to conduct naked rituals in moonlit forests, offering up sacrifices to various lunar deities. Nothing divides a family like differences in faith or politics…and sometimes tornados, of course.


Who’s gonna do what?

In the America of today, both parties in a relationship often have jobs/careers that they are quite vested in. What this leads to is not a whole lot of free time to allocate for chores/home maintenance. Well, so what? The deal is that you need to figure out who is going to be responsible for what in advance, otherwise you may find yourself in a month long game of chicken with your lover over who’s taking out the recyclables. If neither of you like to cook, but both savor delicious homemade tagliatelle bolognese for dinner and western omelets at dawn, you either need to hire a live-in chef, work out a compromise or go your insatiable, separate ways.


Kids: when, how, where, why…what’s the deal?

The super blatantly obvious topic of kids really need not be addressed here, as you clearly will have spoken to your partner about this already…or have you? You can’t be apprehensive about asking your beau if they a) want kids at all, b) want to raise them in a particular fashion (say, for instance, solely speaking French), c) how many of the little nuggets do you want scuttling about, d) when do you want them disrupting/enriching your lives, and e) who’s taking time off to initially rear the little adorable runts? Get all this out of the way (along with any other …eccentric requests regarding your offspring) and you’ll be all set and can avoid the morass of opposing child upbringing doctrines. Then you just have to deal with actually feeding, clothing and iPhoning them…


Who’s in charge of planning out the perennially-pressure-packed-to-be-perfect wedding day?

The rules of wedding planning have changed a fair amount over the last decade or so. What was once a “bride-to-be” specific activity is now open territory, as giddy grooms want in on the action. Lest we forget, possible interloping parents in the equation. There’s a solid chance there are going to be a lot of (often imperious) personalities and opinions flying around. Have an open talk about where you want this blessed day to take place, who is invited, how much ground you’re actually going to let your parents cover and who exactly is paying for this thing (which on average costs around 30k in these glorious United States we live in). Better to have this convo now, than later when one of you excitedly suggests a destination wedding at a remote chateau, yet your partner has their heart set on the Elks Lodge in town.


Hopefully everyone will be able to tackle any and all unresolved issues before sparkly diamond cynosures are slipped on ring fingers. If things simply can not be worked out, and you happen to be stuck with a diamond ring (or, they are temporarily worked out, and only later are you stuck with the dang thing), there is at least a place you can sell it off for a sizable amount. Diamond Lighthouse takes in all diamonds (1 carat and higher), and helps you recover lost funds.  We do not buy diamonds, rather we aid you in selling yours to a vetted network of professional buyers.  We take a commission from the sale (10% on those 1 carat and larger stones), so we naturally want to get you the highest amount possible.

Getting cash back for unneeded diamond jewelry of any nature is always a step in the right direction. Then you will be even better prepared to get out there and find the right person for you: someone who doesn’t have insane relatives or allegiances to despotic rulers or evil entities.

Happy engaging!


-Joe Leone

Best Places to Propose: Focus on PARIS

Paris, France, the “City of Lights,” is arguably the most romantic metropolis on the globe.  It has long been associated with budding love, eternal bonds and poignant memories.  Naturally this is an ideal location to pop the big question.  Here are a few of the best known and also some secretive spots to inquire if she will spend her life at your side.  C’est la vie! …Whatever that means.


La tour Eiffel

Some things are incredibly cliché but still very touching and beautiful, and this is the most iconic structure of romantic love for a reason.  The Eiffel Tower literally towers over Paris, like a beacon of perpetual ardor.  Oui, there will be a lot of sappy dudes up there doing the same “Will you marry me??” thing, but if your lady likes the classics, then this lovely locale is for you.

Also, it’s in ALL these


Pont des Arts 

This is the one and only destination for any girl who still identifies with “Carrie” from Sex and the City as her true role model.  It’s the spot where she and some Big(?) Guy reunite and he professes his love to her (…or something like that).  The bridge over the Seine River here represents the linking of one life to another; the journey you and your betrothed are about to embark on …or something like that.


 Sacré Cœur Basilica Cathedral 

If your gal likes large religious structures, then here’s your spot.  Translated to “The Sacred Heart,” this epic church is sure to melt her ticker.


Notre Dame

If you are troll-like and/or have scoliosis, the cathedral of N.D. might be the perfect place for you.  Your darling lady may pity you like Esmerelda did to Quasimodo, and allow you to slip a ring on her slender finger, with your grubby ones.


Montmartre Region

A little marketplace set aloft on a hill.  Labyrinthine streets curl throughout, all inset with adorable cafes and boutiques.  If your companion is into shopping or art, this is your place.  World renown artists such as Dali, Monet, Picasso and Van Gogh were known to paint here in their day (and what’s more romantic than melting clocks and severed ears?).


Wall of “I Love You’s”

It’s a wall.  It says “I Love You” on it.  In 250 languages.  Do the math.  If she likes love, she gonna’ love this.


Arc de Triomphe

The most famous structure on the most famous street (the Champs-Élysées) in this fair city, the arc is certainly epic.  The vista here is so vibrant and vivid, she will not be able to forget this moment…even if she wants to.


Luxembourg Palace and Gardens

The most beatific floral garden in Paris, this is a sure thing for the female who fawns over flora.  Added romance bonus: break into the palace at night and pretend to be royal lovers (like Napoleon and Josephine, who once presided here) …before le inspectuer de police throws you in le prison.


Place des Vosges

Even Paris has corny things.  While this may be the city’s oldest “planned square,” replete with a gorgeous jardin, it also has a ferris wheel (La Grande Roue)!  Wait ’til you guys are stopped at the top and then BAM – whip out that diamond.  Just don’t drop it for the love of Mon Dieu.


Palais Garnier

Is she a cultured, operaphile?  Then you’d be remiss to pass over the Palais Garnier, Europe’s most astoundingly eye catching, gilded opera house.  This is where Leroux’s story “The Phantom of the Opera” takes place, so you know it’s romantic.  This could also work if she’s really into creepy things likes wailing ghosts.


Parc des Buttes Chaumont

Overlooking the entire city, this park is a contender for one of the most romantic spots in the universe.  Grottos galore.  Dazzling waterfalls.  Majestic cliffs.  A perfectly placid lake.  There’s even a tiny gazebo at the top of one of the vast hills, seemingly designed for proposing.  There’s absolutely no way that she could say ‘no’ here – if solely for the fear you’ll push her down the mountain.

Bonne chance, monsieurs!



-Joe Leone

Worst Places to Propose



On a plane   

“You want more peanuts? …And to spend your life with me?”

If she says “Ne,” be prepared to spend the next 2 to god knows how many hours in unparalleled awkward airspace.

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