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Worst Places to Propose



On a plane   

“You want more peanuts? …And to spend your life with me?”

If she says “Ne,” be prepared to spend the next 2 to god knows how many hours in unparalleled awkward airspace.

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She Said “No.” Now What? …What Is My Diamond Worth??


What Is My Diamond Worth …Now That I Feel Worthless 🙁 

You finally did it. You dated this person long enough to decide you wanted to spend the rest of your life with her. You planned the exact moment you were going to pop the question. You saved up for months to afford that beautiful diamond engagement ring. It was going to be perfect. It nearly was too. The sun was shining, birds were singing (at least you’re pretty sure they were) and the moment was just right. You got down on one knee, took out that little box you’d been hiding for weeks.

“Will you marry me?” you asked.

She fell silent. Not a good sign. She slowly shook her head. Even worse. She walked away, leaving you kneeling there, the ring still in your outstretched hand. Alone. A loud clap of thunder and it starts pouring rain.

OK, maybe it wasn’t as dramatic as all that…

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