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Get in Shape! The History of Diamond Shapes


By now you’ve learned the very distinct distinction between diamond ‘cuts’ and diamond ‘shapes’ (you’ve been religiously reading this blog, right?).  So now we are ready to dig a little deeper into the different diamond shape varieties and their diverse and dynamic origins.  There are 10 major shape classifications, each one shapelier than the next.

Round here.  



Let’s start with the obvious: the good ole, reliable Round.  The Round is, and has been for quite some time, the most widely sought after diamond shape.  It’s #1 use is in engagement rings, as a solitaire stone (meaning, “one”), giving a sparkling manifestation to the phrase “it’s lonely at the top.”  Rounds of all sizes are often featured in earrings, pendants, brooches and wedding rings as well.  In fact, the GIA reports that 75% of all diamonds sold on the open market are round.  Sometime in the 18th century, enterprising diamontaires developed the cut “round brilliant,” which showcases the rounds’ resplendency to the highest degree.  Somewhere down the road, roughly in the middle of the 19th century, diamond cutting maverick Henry Morse (no, he didn’t invent the “Morse Code” – that’s Samuel Morse…) perfected the round brilliant cut, and it has remained essentially the same since then.  A cocky cutter named Marcel Tolkowsky made some minor tweaks to the round brilliant cut in 1919, in a vain attempt to get his name in the diamond history books (*the fact that he was arrogant may or may not be true/may have just been made up for the sake of this article.)  All in all, the ubiquitous rounds have made an indelible mark in the diamond world, and no one knows how long they will reign supreme in all their circular glory.
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25 Cool Holiday Presents to Buy – after selling your uncool diamond


The holidays are upon us and guess what?  Nobody wants to hear about how “the economy is killing you.”  They want loot, and lots of it.  Even the naughty ones are expecting a lot more than a lump of coal in their scurrilous stockings.  

So where are you supposed to drum up the cash to satiate these little gingerbread cookie and eggnog gobblers?  Well, you could sell your house, your car, your soul to Santa, or…

Sell your diamond.   If you’ve got diamond jewelry lying around (or just handfuls of loose diamonds), you’ve got a potential mound of cash at your disposal.  Selling these oh so precious gemstones at a pawn shop or at a jeweler’s old timey shoppe will leave you sorely disappointed, like Frosty the Snowman on the first day of spring.  The only place to fulfill your cash wish list and get the merry most for your diamonds is at Diamond Lighthouse.  We illuminate the diamond market for you (like Rudolph!) and help find you the best price for your diamond, from the North to South pole.  Find out more here.  

Now on to this season’s top goodies. 
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Ask Professor Facet

Diamond-Lighthouse-broker-professor-facetWelcome to the first installment of “Ask Professor Facet” where our resident diamond expert answers all your diamond related questions, and gives you a little life advice too.

Professor Francesca Facet received her doctoral degree in diamondology from the prestigious School of Hard Rocks.  

Q:  Dear Professor,

I’m confused.  I had my wedding ring appraised through an insurance agent last year.  The insurance company’s appraisal valued my ring at $15,000.  My husband and I recently decided that the we wanted to upgrade my ring, so we elected to sell the original to help with the purchase of the new one.  When we took it to a few different jewelers in our area, the highest offer we got was $7,000.  Why this huge discrepancy?

-One Perplexed Lady

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Sell Unwanted Diamonds = Get Cool Stuff

Exchanging Your Diamond for Diamond Inspired Objects

You have a diamond ring at home, sitting at the bottom of a jewelry box, collecting dust.  Or maybe you have a pair of diamond earrings that a certain someone gave to you that are a certain kind of ugly.  Who knows, maybe you’ve even been handed down a dazzling bejeweled crown from an aristocratic ancestral member of the Royal Hungarian court.  The point is, you’re never going to wear any of these darn diamonds.  However, you can easily turn them into cash and buy some awesome diamond inspired objects.  By selling your diamond through Diamond Lighthouse, you can retain your diamond’s memory and get some really cool stuff in its place. Continue reading Sell Unwanted Diamonds = Get Cool Stuff

Diamond Celebrity Personalities

Every diamond is unique, just like people (or as they like to think).  As there are certain diamond types and classifications, there are obviously distinct types of people too.  In an effort to educate what diamond styles, shapes and grades represent, we have compiled a collection of diamond varieties and their corresponding humans.

Any Diamond with an Excessively Large Carat Weight…and many Inclusions (internal flaws)

Diamond-Lighthouse-broker-famous-stones = Kim Kardashian


This diamond type is exactly what it sounds like: all show with little substance.  Also fits into the “Good from a far, far from a good” philosophy.  A large carat diamond will wow people (especially those with under-developed tastes) at first, but a closer inspection reveals cracks beneath the surface and an overall dullness.
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