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Rough or Polished: How Do You Take Your Diamonds?




For many, many generations, diamonds have been inexorably linked to an image of sparkling brilliance.  The shinier the stone, the more elegant, luxurious and opulent one would appear.  Yet a trend has surfaced over the last few years in particular: that of showcasing rough, or unpolished, diamonds in jewelry.  It sounds peculiar at first, to be in possession of such an expensive item and then intentionally hiding the main feature that has traditionally been associated with its beauty.  However, in context to the way world trends have evolved, it makes perfect sense.  People have become increasingly aware of the global environment, as evidenced by the “Green Movement” and “going organic.”  Celebrities have come down off the untouchable pedestals they formerly reigned from and now communicate personally with fans on a daily basis, as they “tweet” up a storm.  The veneer of dignity that protected the government and its agendas has all but vanished as even the most patriotic citizen now questions the intentions of their elected officials.  Ironically, as we live in a cyber-age where “virtual” has become the norm, things have also been moving in a direction towards that which is “real” and natural.  So why shouldn’t diamond displays follow suit?

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