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Beautifully Bizarre Jewelry


In terms of personal style, some people just have to be different.  Whether that means dying one’s hair bright green and fashioning it into a pointy, potentially dangerous mohawk or just wearing white after Labor Day, there will always be rebels.  Some jewelry designers have tapped into this collective demand for odd, in ways that starkly challenge even the very concept of “alternative.”  Here were take a gander at some truly eye-popping and question raising works of weird.

Tears for Fears

One largely lachrymose designer thought that everybody just looked to darn happy.  The solution?  Why, teardrop jewelry, naturally.  Now this isn’t to say that he (Eric Klarenbeek, who hails from Holland – the country, not the Tunnel) created little tear shaped jewels with adhesive on the back that you stick to your cheek (although, that would be WAY simpler…)  What he constructed is a non-eyesight augmenting contact that has a short length of mostly invisible wire that hangs from it.  Glittering jewels are attached to the end and dangle in a sad display of faux misty-eyed fun.  A great gift for those who feel they don’t have enough jewelry directly connected to their ocular region.


Ice, Ice…Maybe?

Ever feel like your jewelry just doesn’t melt enough.  Not like, “drip” down your body, but actually change form from ice into water.  The designer of these pieces (which are literally made out of ice) is the Germany based Katharina Ludwig; and she’s actually more of a conceptual artist than a designer.  The idea behind these clever and comely cooling devices is for them to be worn in the summer months, to combat the searing heat.  They look chic and glamorous initially, but then become more functional as they morph into self-contained air conditioners for the skin.  They come in earring, necklace and ring forms.  Just be weary if someone uses such a ring to propose to you.


Paper or Plastic?

There’s sustainable jewelry, repurposed jewelry …and then there’s just trash.  Well, plastic bags that would otherwise end up as garbage in any other situation.  Italian artist/designer Giovanni Scafuro has come out with a collection of rings that is comprised solely of plastic bags.  Aside from being colorful and bursting with funky fun, these rings have a more serious implication.  They are made from plastic bags, one of the most toxic, widespread and irksome materials out there (they’re currently still littering virtually every kilometer of the planet, and have no means of being recycled).  Made from oil, and ultimately, forever remaining non-biodegrable, plastic bags are the bane of environmentalists across the globe.  Finally finding a purpose for them, Scafuro has shown the world that there always is a solution to even the most odious problem.


Who Nose?

What better way to broadcast your love of your bestie beast than by getting an imprint of its nose in silver and wearing it all over town?  Well, that’s what Jackie Kaufman, an etsy.com superstar designer, thinks.  Any pet with substantial enough nostrils can have its nasal cavity copied on to a mold, and then transferred to a jewelry item that you can don with pride.  What if your favorite pet mammal happens to be human?  Sorry.  Canine, Feline and large rodent noses only.


Plant one on ya’

Some quirky pieces can really grow on you; others actually grow on you.  Another Dutch innovator, Laurie Poast makes tiny potted plant necklaces that are so cute they produce “Awww!”s as well as oxygen.  She hand sews seeds into baby clay pots and hangs them with twine; thus taking sustainable jewelry to a heavenly/earthy level never before dreamed of.  If you’re thinking “This seems like too much work – I don’t want to have to worry about watering these dang plants,” then don’t fret; why not pair together your plant necklace with some nice ice jewelry?  This way as the ice melts, it will water your adorable neckpiece.  Now that is some serious Scandinavian sensibility.


If you like it then you should put a jellyfish on it

This designer (Arata Fuchi) makes rings that eerily resemble living jellyfish.  …Not much else to say about that.


-Joe Leone

Divorce & Pets: Who Gets Mittens?


“Who gets the family bible, when blood is split at heart?”

Well, the jury is still out on that age old, country & western themed question posed by Merle Haggard.  We have, however, collected a few intriguing facts to help provide answers to the current query of ‘Who retains “custody” of a divorced couple’s pets?’
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Twelve Reasons Why It’s AMAZING to Be Divorced During the Holidays


“Ok, honey, time to get in the car and shlep six hours up to Schenectady to sit in uncomfortable silence with my anal retentive parents…what’s the hold up?!”

That’s right: you’ll never have to hear a delightful phrase like that ever again.  Ever.

Yes, you can breathe a massive sigh of relief this year; you will not have to spend one iota of your precious time with the dreaded “in-laws.”  But that’s not the only reason why it’s super-amazing-awesome to be ‘divorced during the holidays’ (which, granted, sounds like a failed Hallmark Channel movie).  Here’s a baker’s dozen of the most festive reasons why it’s going to ho-ho-hopefully be the best holiday season yet. Continue reading Twelve Reasons Why It’s AMAZING to Be Divorced During the Holidays

10 New Uses for Returned Engagement Rings



Ok. So she said “No.” Not the end of the world. But, now you’re stuck with this ring. So what to do with it?

1) Turn it into a lure. This is quite simple. All you do is take a regular fishing pole, take the end of the line and securely tie it around the band of the ring. Make sure you really tie the knot well (…sorry for wedding metaphor). Now you’re ready for fun. Hide out some where (a park, parking lot, Mets game, etc.) and simply cast your ring-bait. Then wait. Some greedy minded person will see it glittering brightly (…if it’s of glittering grade quality), and come a’ runnin’. Right before they snatch it up, you reel it in! Watch the disappointment wash over their face and giggle.

BONUS: If a beautiful woman goes for it, let her catch it and pretend it was all a plan to get her attention. Then you are that much closer to a new, better fiancée.

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