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10 Fun Diamond Themed Halloween Costumes!


Don’t have a scary/sexy/hilarious costume picked out yet this year?  Well don’t sit around BOO!-hoo-ing.  Do things the Diamond Lighthouse way; make it all about diamonds!

Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend – replicate the always demure and sexy Marilyn Monroe, as she dripped in diamonds in her portrayal of Lorelei Lee in the iconic film “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.”  Yes, some people will assume you are Madonna, doing her own rip-off of Marilyn in “Material Girl,” but to those people just coo something in a sugary sweet voice; they’ll get the hint.


The Candy Crush Diamond – yes, Candy Crush requests rank up there with Farmville nonsense in terms of most annoying internet things that people bombard you with on a daily basis, but donning a giant blue diamond outfit will be extremely funny and easily recognizable.  Either rent a well constructed one from your local Halloween/Party store – or make it out of a big blue tarp and some strategically placed hangers.

Bonus Action:  Incessantly follow people around and keep requesting things of them.  Or just have a crush on them.  Or just crush them.


*or you can always be the Diamond Dash panda genie, naturally.

diamond dash

Marina and the Diamonds – beautiful indie rocker Marina doesn’t travel far without her entourage of trusty Diamonds.  Getting her look is a synch; just find the coolest Google image of her and copy away (her trademark feature are those adorable drawn on eyelashes.)  *Ability to sing not necessary.


The Brittney “Toxic” Diamond Bodysuit – okay, some may say you need to have certain physical attributes to pull this one off, but phooey to them; sparkle the night away in dynamic diamond decadence no matter what shape, size or gender you happen to associate with.

via pinterest.com
via pinterest.com

The “Sims” Over the Head Diamond – want to let the whole party know that you are the character currently being controlled?  Simply fashion a green diamond out of cardboard, styrofoam or old Starbucks coffee holders, attach it to a headband and violà: instant awesome costume.  *If you’re doing it really last minute, just say you are going as whatever character resembles you the most in whatever outfit you currently have on that day.


Diamond Mummy – remember that real diamond “Morphsuit” that came out last year, which cost the wearer 1.6 million dollars?  Well, indulge in faux lavish ridiculousness this year and copy it.  This is simple: just wrap yourself completely in gauze and then douse yourself in sticky glitter (better yet, have a friend do the second part).  This costume is both cool and creepy.  The bonus?  Every time you make contact with another person or piece of furniture, you will leave behind your eerie trail of glitter (which is impossible to ever remove.  Ever.)

via aol.com
via aol.com

Baseball Diamond – for the baseball or softball or dirt enthusiast, become an actual baseball diamond.  Just cut the diamond shape into a huge piece of cardboard and wear it around your torso.  Pro level: glue actual dirt and grass on to it for authenticity, along with little bases.  This also provides a really great opportunity to ask people if they want to “get to first base” with you…


Ace of Diamonds – poker players will heart this one.  This is probably one of the simplest outfits to make; again, grab a big piece of cardboard, and then use a sharpie to draw the diamonds on it, etc.  Move of the night: whenever there is a group or area you want to be a part of, shout: “I’m all in!” and dive right in there – then enjoy as the hilarity (or awkwardness) ensues.


Jem – this animated 80’s rocker was all about gems (um, hello, it’s her name).  Just adorn yourself with every pink item in your wardrobe (dig those dusty leg warmers out from the back) and Jem yourself up.  She wore magical earrings which produced holograms, so grab yourself a handy pair of those – or at least some giant cubic zirconia ones.

via wikipedia.org
via wikipedia.org

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds – we by no means are condoning ingesting psychotropic substances, but this costume can be far-out fun nonetheless.  Just dress like a hippie who is experiencing a psychedelic trip of some sort, and then make a big cloud out of cotton puffs/balls and wear it around your waist (so you are actually in the sky).  The final ingredient is a bunch of strategically placed (plastic) diamonds in the cloud and in your hair.  Presto: you’ve now got the grooviest costume of the night.


Remember, you’ll never get tricked and you’ll always get treated well when selling your old diamond jewelry with diamondlighthouse.com.

Happy Halloween!


-Joe Leone

How Diamonds Became “Forever”


The Birth of Diamond Marketing as We Know It

Diamonds haven’t been forever…well, forever. In fact, they’ve only been “Forever” (with a capital F) since 1948, when “A Diamond is Forever,” the tagline Advertising Age would later dub “Slogan of the Century,” was launched. The grammatically incorrect ad campaign was created by N.W. Ayer & Son, a Philadelphia advertising agency hand selected in 1938 by the chairman of De Beers Consolidated Mines, Harry Oppenheimer.

N.W. Ayer himself was on the problem immediately, and stayed on it for nearly a decade, slinging diamond encrusted everythings at celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, Rosalind Russel, and even the British Royal family. Five years after Oppenheimer showed up in his offices, Ayer hired Mary Frances Gerety, a Philadelphia-area woman who can be credited with the string of four words that altered the American Dream, bringing on a much-needed change for the fairly flailing diamond industry. (It wasn’t actually “flailing,” more just “anticipating a slight downward spiral,” as De Beers still owned 90 percent of the world’s diamond production. However, Oppenheimer did sense trouble in the midst due to the onset of war in Europe and distress in the Great Depression.) Gerety was hired “at the right time,” because Ayer had just lost a female copywriter, according to the The New York Times.
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10 Most Famous Celebrity Diamond Rings


They’re unique, often ostentatious and always crazy expensive. Celebrity engagement and wedding rings sometimes seem to captivate people more than the celebrities themselves. That’s why we put together this list of the 10 most famous celebrity diamond rings in recent history. Whether they buy these jaunty jewels because they’re expected to or just because they can, nobody can resist gawking and gossiping about them. Diamond Lighthouse has heard of some pretty outrageous prices coming out of the diamond industry, but none of them top these rocks.

10. Kim Kardashian’s Engagement Ring from Kris Humphries

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The Top 10 Famous Diamonds in Movies

Real diamonds have captured people’s imaginations for centuries, so it’s only natural that Hollywood would use fictional diamonds to raise the stakes and inject a bit of drama into their movies. At Diamond Lighthouse, we’re fascinated by diamonds, and we’re always interested in how they’re portrayed in film. Here are 10 of the most well-known uses of diamonds in major Hollywood movies.

10. Snatch


Guy Ritchie’s second feature film centers on a gambling addict trying to fence a stolen 84-carat diamond. Predictably, dealing with criminal diamond dealers doesn’t go well and the massive rock ends up getting swallowed by a dog. Don’t ask. By the end, there’s been a confusing series of twists and turns involving British gangsters, bare-knuckle boxers and a visit to the veterinarian. Don’t worry, the dog lives.

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