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The Most Expensive Divorces in Recorded History – Part 1

via en.wikipedia.org
via en.wikipedia.org

Divorces cost a pretty penny, no matter what your station is in life.  When your net worth totals in the 10 figure+ range, you can expect to pay the GNP of a small developing nation for your uncoupling.  Scraped from the headlines of reputable news sources and rags alike, here are the most costly divorces on the record books.  Cringe, chortle or smirk as you read about people who’ve lost more in their divorce than most people have earned in their lives.

The King of Quirky British Crime Films vs. The Material Queen

Madonna and Guy Ritchie didn’t just collaborate on one of the worst movies ever made (“Swept Away”), they also made an indelible mark in the books of infamous divorces.  Here’s an example of the wife having to pay the (ex) husband a settlement fee (an important moment in feminist history…maybe?).  Mr. Ritchie finally earned his name, as he swaggered away from the Madge marriage with $92 million in his piggy bank.  Even though their divorce took place in London, which typically favors a 50/50 spilt of assets, Ritchie held a modicum of self respect and didn’t try to fully sap the Voguer of her considerable, pop music funded fortune.
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The Top 10 Famous Diamonds in Movies

Real diamonds have captured people’s imaginations for centuries, so it’s only natural that Hollywood would use fictional diamonds to raise the stakes and inject a bit of drama into their movies. At Diamond Lighthouse, we’re fascinated by diamonds, and we’re always interested in how they’re portrayed in film. Here are 10 of the most well-known uses of diamonds in major Hollywood movies.

10. Snatch


Guy Ritchie’s second feature film centers on a gambling addict trying to fence a stolen 84-carat diamond. Predictably, dealing with criminal diamond dealers doesn’t go well and the massive rock ends up getting swallowed by a dog. Don’t ask. By the end, there’s been a confusing series of twists and turns involving British gangsters, bare-knuckle boxers and a visit to the veterinarian. Don’t worry, the dog lives.

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