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How to Buy Jewelry: A Man’s Guide


Uh-oh.  It’s time to buy her some sort of jewelry.  But…how??

The reason why buying jewelry can be such a daunting task is that you’re dealing with a potentially very expensive present, that could turn out to be disappointing and unappreciated.  Of course it’s the “thought that counts,” (…not sure how many ‘thoughts’ ever bought any dude points) but if you buy her something that she finds utterly repulsive, it sends the message that you not only have horrid taste, but that you don’t know her at all.

Not to fear!  We are here to help.

Do Some Detective Work


Before you venture to the jewelry store, you need to do your homework (yes, homework stinks, but this assignment will be well worth it).  Scope out the pieces that she currently wears.  Notice any trends?  If all the items are refined and classy, with discretely mounted gems and sleek lines, then you should probably stay in this conservative direction.  If her baubles are boisterous and vibrant, with ginormous colored jewels and numerous layered textures, then it can’t hurt to keep driving right into Funkytown.  Also, her clothing can be another helpful clue, Sherlock Hotstuff.  If she always wears certain shades and tones, try to find jewelry that will work well with these.  Not sure what that means exactly?  Ask the salesperson!  They will be all too thrilled to explain complementary color matching and the like.  A final thing to take away from a light stalking of her jewelry box is the “what is missing?” element.  If she has, and loves, opal earrings and an opal pendant, perhaps she would simply adore an opal ring to complete the stunning set.  Yes, sir, the trifecta.

Get Smart


Walking into a jewelry store with a “duh” look on your face really isn’t the impression you want to make.  Do a little internet research first; find out what the price of gold is that day, see which stores are offering what sales, even learn all about a diamond’s 4C’s.  As with everything in life, knowledge is power.  Should the sales clerk come off as snooty, you can hit them with some educated jewelry lingo of your own.  Most likely they will be nice (hello, they’re trying to make a sale), but when you are equipped with an arsenal of pertinent jewelry info, you can rest assured that you won’t be taken advantage of.   When ultimately presenting the gift to your honeybun, you can impress her with your vast knowledge of the jewelry’s specs as well.  This smoothly conveys that you really made an informed decision when picking out the precious piece for her.

The Ole Compare ’n Contrast


Now that you’ve got a handle on what she would like to receive, and how that’s going to reflect on your bank account (be prepared for a bit of a “dip”), you can now get down to brass tacks and save yourself some dough.  If you know you’re getting her a 2 carat tourmaline ring set in platinum, you can see all the different places that offer that fella online.  Now the fun part: find the cheapest one!  (of course, be wary of hidden shipping fees, fine print, “no refund” clauses, etc.)  If you’re not a fan of the whole online shopping experience, make sure you get print outs of the best prices on the merchandise you want before entering a jewelry store.  If your local shop has the same item for a higher price, they may come down if you show them the hard evidence that you can procure it for cheaper elsewhere.  In general, national retailers can offer the best prices, because they buy in much larger quantities than smaller stores.  However, if you make it clear that you want to forge a long, jewelry-purchasing relationship with your local jeweler guy/gal, they may match the price to get the ball rolling.

The Price is Always Right


The glorious thing about jewelry is that there are lovely looking pieces available in all price ranges.  If you live like a Wynn, snag some 5 carat diamonds and rubies to luxuriously bathe your loved one in.  If you live like M.C. Hammer, then a nice sized set of spinel, feldspar or coral earrings will certainly do the trick.  The point is that if you follow the simple steps outlined above, you’ll be able to find a beautiful present for your babe at  a price that’s appropriate for you and your rockstar (or CPA) lifestyle.


A final word: if you want to get your sugar bum a nice jewelry piece, but have literally NO funds available, think about selling any jewelry you may already have in your possession.   Got a fancy watch?  Perfect, sell that time tracking puppy.  A class ring with a sapphire stallion in the middle?  Great, ride that horse to some fast cash.  A 14 karat gold pinky ring from your days as a ruthlessly stylish mob boss?  Bid it arrivederci and collect some serious cashola.  Even if you do not don jewelry yourself (unlike, say, Rick Ross), you may have some sort of ‘family heirloom’ to hock to fund the endeavor, or maybe even an engagement ring leftover from that particular lady who wasn’t quite “the one.”  If it’s diamond based, send it over to Diamond Lighthouse.  We’ll find you a better price for your diamond jewelry than anywhere else on god’s green earth.  More info on that right here, Mr. Sweetums.


-Joe Leone