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Debunking Diamond Evaluation Misconceptions


Previously, we’ve discussed the differences between an actual diamond evaluation and an insurance appraisal, so hopefully that information has sunk in nice and deep.  Unfortunately, there still persists a litany of misinformation out there regarding what goes into diamond specification determination and what constitutes a legitimate evaluation.  Here we hold a microscope up to the common misconceptions associated with the valuation of jewelry.

Widespread Inconsistency

1) Providing an evaluation of diamond jewelry is a piece of cake and/or pie.

The truth:  This is mere poppycock.  A certain television program that appears to let ‘antique experts’ take a perfunctory peak at a potentially valuable piece and determine it’s worth within seconds has popularized the belief that jewelry valuation is simple (let’s just say this show rhymes with “Mantiques Toadshow”).  The reality is that no one is walking around with the encyclopedic knowledge in their noggin that would allow them to quantify a diamond’s price by just looking at it.  Actual experts utilize many highly specialized tools, machines and standardized guides to arrive at a diamond’s specifications, and ultimately a piece of diamond jewelry’s estimate on the open market.
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