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How to Identify a Genuine Diamond


Since the cubic zirconia was engineered and began mass production in 1977, it has become increasingly difficult for the lay person to accurately assess whether a “diamond” is genuine or not.  The human eye alone can not be fully trusted.  As such, there are numerous methods that can be used in determining a diamond’s authenticity, from simple tricks one can perform at home to the most sophisticated procedures employed by professional gemologists – like the friendly and helpful ones with excellent penmanship working at Diamond Lighthouse. (Learn More)

If the diamond in question is mounted, meaning encased in a setting, there are a few easy practices you can use.

1.The “Fog” Method.  For this, hold the “diamond” next to your mouth and breath warm air on it.  If when you look at the stone it remains foggy,  then odds are that it is not a real diamond.  Real diamonds instantly dissipate the heat from your breath, whether it’s minty fresh or not.


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