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150 carat Diamond Ring


We think it’s safe to say that women love diamonds.  The way they sparkle, their captivating nature, the enchanting beauty.  For the past few decades, diamond rings have had various forms & styles, but for the most part they all had one thing in common. A metal band, and a center diamond stone.  While one small center diamond is great and everything, who would object to more diamonds. Bigger diamonds.

This ring is the first ring made entirely of… DIAMOND. A single diamond.  150 carats of a pure diamond, cut & finished.  It costs approximately $68 million and gives a new meaning to the term ‘diamond ring’.
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What is a Fancy-Color Diamond?

Diamond-Lighthouse-broker-fancy-color-diamonds If you’ve spent any amount of time reading our Diamond University, you might know that the quality of a diamond’s color is graded on a scale from D to Z by the Gemological Institute of America. You might even know that “D” describes the most colorless diamonds while low graded gems will have visible yellowing. The yellower the diamond appears, the less valuable it is… unless it’s supposed to be yellow.
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