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Ask Professor Facet

Diamond-Lighthouse-broker-professor-facetWelcome to the first installment of “Ask Professor Facet” where our resident diamond expert answers all your diamond related questions, and gives you a little life advice too.

Professor Francesca Facet received her doctoral degree in diamondology from the prestigious School of Hard Rocks.  

Q:  Dear Professor,

I’m confused.  I had my wedding ring appraised through an insurance agent last year.  The insurance company’s appraisal valued my ring at $15,000.  My husband and I recently decided that the we wanted to upgrade my ring, so we elected to sell the original to help with the purchase of the new one.  When we took it to a few different jewelers in our area, the highest offer we got was $7,000.  Why this huge discrepancy?

-One Perplexed Lady

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