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What Your Diamond Says About You


The shape of your diamond wedding or engagement ring says a lot about you as a person. (Or if you didn’t pick it out yourself, it says a lot about what whoever gave it to you thinks about you as a person.) With so many different types of diamonds out there, it’s not surprising that different personalities tend to gravitate towards different shapes. But what does your diamond shape say about you? Or if you’re a guy looking to buy an engagement ring for a special lady, what diamond shape best suits her personality? Not quite sure? Don’t worry. Diamond Lighthouse is here to help. Diamond cutters and dealers have been researching which types of people prefer different diamond shapes. The results are not only interesting, but extremely helpful for anyone looking to buy a diamond for someone they love.



The most popular shape of all, with the round brilliant cut accounting for more than 75 percent of all diamonds sold. It’s a classic shape for a classy lady, and looks great in any setting. Women who prefer round diamonds are traditional, elegant and honest. They take comfort in stability and may be resistant to change, but their sentimental nature endears them to all who cross their path.

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