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Divorce Means More than Just the Loss of a Spouse


According to a study done by Utah State University, the average divorcing individual can’t maintain their standard of living after a divorce. That study showed the average divorcee needs a more than 30% increase in income to maintain the same standard of living they had prior to their divorce.

It seems that women are hit the hardest when it comes to divorce, but statistics show that everyone is affected, and sometimes not in the ways one may think. About one in five women fall into poverty as a result of divorce. Part of the reason is related to children: three out of four divorced mothers don’t receive the full child support due to them. Another part of that heightened risk of poverty is related to home ownership: about 1/3 of women who own a home and have children lose their home to divorce. Research indicates that most women do not recover from the hit to their standard of living unless they remarry.
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Selling Diamonds For Cash: The Stigma is Disappearing


It wasn’t that long ago that most people wouldn’t even think of selling old jewelry. Few people did it, and even when they did, it wasn’t something they talked about. Selling jewelry was considered inelegant and a sign that the family had fallen on hard times. It didn’t matter if you never wore it, or if that brooch you inherited from your great aunt was too big, tacky and not at all your style. The place for jewelry like that was in the closet, not the secondhand market.

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