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What to Do with Your Ex’s Stuff

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As you clean out the garage one day, you come face to face with a large cardboard box.  Hastily written on the side in marker is “THEIR JUNK.”  You’re then faced with the ultimate dilemma: keep, return or throw into the river and watch it float out of your life for once and all.  What’s the right decision?  When the time comes to ask “What do I do with my ex’s belongings/presents they got me/things we shared?”, you may need guidance in dealing with this potentially mentally Sisyphean task.

To simplify this, there are 3 essential categories that each item can fit into. Continue reading What to Do with Your Ex’s Stuff

Help! I’ve Inherited a Family Heirloom – but I Need Cash!

diamond-lighthouse-sell-my-diamond-inherited-rings-jewelry-babySo you were handed down a beautiful diamond engagement ring that originally crossed the Atlantic with your great grandfather on a freight ship at the turn of the 20th century.  Or maybe your zany aunt just gave you a big diamond ring for graduating an online course in  3-D computer animation.  It doesn’t matter.  The point is, you now have a large diamond ring in your possession, given to you by a loved one.  The only problem is, you are broke.

Well you just got lucky. Continue reading Help! I’ve Inherited a Family Heirloom – but I Need Cash!