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Pink Panthers: Diamond Thieves


Watching cartoons as children made us all fantasize about “what-ifs.” What if we could actually make cartoons real? What if we could have our favorite heroes’ powers? What if our favorite characters walked among us? From G.I. Joe to Marvel’s Avengers to Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, we dreamed of making our cartoon world a reality.

When a group of diamond thieves from various Balkan countries were dubbed the “Pink Panthers,” they probably weren’t necessarily sharing the same dream. They probably weren’t watching cartoons and dreaming of becoming jewel thieves, but they did succeed in making their exploits worthy of Hollywood. Some of their heists being so well orchestrated many believe they are similar to the big screen productions like The Avengers or Transformers. Video footage of the heists awes audiences when their signature car, an Audi, crashes into a jewelry store and two gun men armed with revolvers and crowbars leap out of the crash and start robbing all the diamonds they can get their hands on as helpless bystanders flee for their lives. It’s a scene from a movie made reality.
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The 10 Biggest Diamond Heists in History

Diamond heists make for some of our favorite movies. There’s something exciting about watching the suave, good-looking international jewel thief masterfully plan and execute the perfect crime, staying one step ahead of the cops the whole time. Diamond heists don’t just happen in Hollywood though. Real life jewel thieves may not look like George Clooney or Cary Grant, but the schemes they come up with rival and sometimes even surpass Hollywood’s in terms of planning, creativity and sheer audacity. With that in mind, we present 10 of the biggest diamond heists in history.

10. Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, NetherlandsDiamond-Lighthouse-broker-Dutch-airport-heist

Photo via Wikimedia Commons
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