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10 New Uses for Returned Engagement Rings



Ok. So she said “No.” Not the end of the world. But, now you’re stuck with this ring. So what to do with it?

1) Turn it into a lure. This is quite simple. All you do is take a regular fishing pole, take the end of the line and securely tie it around the band of the ring. Make sure you really tie the knot well (…sorry for wedding metaphor). Now you’re ready for fun. Hide out some where (a park, parking lot, Mets game, etc.) and simply cast your ring-bait. Then wait. Some greedy minded person will see it glittering brightly (…if it’s of glittering grade quality), and come a’ runnin’. Right before they snatch it up, you reel it in! Watch the disappointment wash over their face and giggle.

BONUS: If a beautiful woman goes for it, let her catch it and pretend it was all a plan to get her attention. Then you are that much closer to a new, better fiancée.

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