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Stolen Diamonds: Reclaimed!


All good things must come to an end.  That includes the dizzyingly euphoric and fancy free period when a purloined gemstone comes into one’s possession.  Due to inscriptions and intaglios of authenticity etched directly on to the facets of super valuable diamonds, it’s a lot harder than one would think to “move” them.  Unlike stolen cash or even gold (which can easily be melted down), diamonds are highly traceable, and often result in reclamation by the rightful owners (unless of course the thieves in question are smart enough to employ a corrupt diamond cutter, who can expertly remove any signatures of ownership without significantly diminishing the carat weight …just saying).  Of the millions and millions of dollars worth of stolen diamonds that have disappeared over time, many have been recovered and the perpetrators of the crimes punished accordingly.  Here are some of our favorite tales of thievery…and retribution.
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