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A Diamond’s Journey from the Mine to a Finger


The story of your diamond (or that diamond you were eyeing online a minute ago) began 3.3 billion years ago and 100 miles below the Earth. That’s right, your diamond is older—like, way, way older—than the T. Rex. In addition to being beautiful, it’s ancient.

The process of its journey to its current state of existence also involved a volcano, a laser, a girdler, a blocker, a brillianteer, a boiling session in a vat of acid, a painstaking beauty contest, several sheets of paperwork, and, let’s face it, many, many marketing dollars.

When the Earth decided to make diamonds, it required a few things: a temperature of 1,700 – 2,400 degrees Fahrenheit, 650,000 – 870,000 pounds of pressure per square inch, a carbon source, and a cozy spot in the Earth’s mantle.
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Insider Diamond Terms


Everyone knows a few words and phrases associated with diamonds.  “Clarity” is obviously how clear a diamond is.  “Brilliance” refers to its sparkle.  A “blood diamond” is …just bad.  But what in the heck is a “bort?”

Here is some dazzling insider terminology that you can use to impress friends at parties and knock the socks off of any jeweler you come into contact with.


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