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Single and Broke

Dealing with Post Divorce Financial Stress

Divorce is tough.  There is the natural emotional turmoil that occurs, potentially irksome new living situations, possible missteps in considerations of custody – and then there is the financial hole one can find themselves suddenly in.  Divorce can be devastating to your psyche and bank account; but there are several ways you can successfully combat the latter. Continue reading Single and Broke

Living With Debt: It’s Not That Bad

Diamond-Lighthouse-sell-your-my-diamonds-unused-unwanted-jewelry-financial-stressAhh!  You just attempted to pay for your morning coffee with your debit card and the girl working at the register’s brow furrows… “I’m sorry, it’s not going through – do you have another card?” …No!  You don’t!  Now everyone behind you on the line is growing impatient.  An angry man butts his head in “If you can’t pay, move it!”   Another, irate lady chimes in “Why don’t you just leave?”  You well up with embarrassment and run out into the street, tears streaming down your face.   Your ex and their new, fashion model lover see you and they unsuccessfully stifle laughter.  Your pants then split down the middle.

Sound familiar? Continue reading Living With Debt: It’s Not That Bad