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12 More Songs Featuring Diamonds!


You loved our 11 songs about diamonds so much that we are treating you with another diamondy dozen!

1 – BeyonceFlawless – 2013

This musically modest journey into Beyonce’s psyche reveals just how she feels about herself: she wakes up each day and is already perfect.   Essentially, she is likening herself to an internally and externally flawless diamond (“D” color, ideal cut, “FL” clarity).  It’s nice when people have self confidence…overwhelming self confidence.

best diamond line:  “this diamond: flawless – my diamond: flawless – this rock: flawless”

2 – Paul SimonDiamonds on the Soles of her Shoes – 1986

A Carribean island inspired, feel good song about a poor suitor and a wealthy girl (she’s got diamonds literally on the bottom of her feet).  Critics have said this actually represents the diamond trade of South Africa, and the contentious relationship between the companies and workers (and the impact of apartheid).  Yet with Paul’s pleasantly melodious voice, everything seems happy here.

best diamond line:  “she’s got diamonds on the soles of her shoes, that’s one way to lose these walking blues.”

3 – Joan BaezDiamonds and Rust – 1975

The famed folk singer produced a very lovely ballad about her brief but passionate affair with then lover Bob Dylan.   The title refers to the dichotomy of their ephemeral relationship.  Kind of odd that this song would later be covered by the heavy metal band Judas Priest…

best diamond line:  “I’ll be damned; here comes your ghost again – it’s not unusual, just that the moon is full…”

4 – FabolousDiamonds ft. Young Jeezy – 2007

Little Wayne was originally supposed to appear on this track, but opted out because he vehemently protests the diamond trade industry…or maybe because Def Jam just wanted to have another of their artists on this diamond jam.  This song shows a direct correlation between wearing diamond encrusted chains and the ability to procure female companionship.

best diamond line:  

TIE:  “She saw my chain and she started relaxin’, now that’s what I call a dang* chain reaction.”

and  “lotta carats – not the ones Bugs Bunny snackin’ on.”

5 – Seals and CroftsDiamond Girl – 1973

Never heard of these two?  Neither had we, but this diamond ditty is fairly catchy and easy to listen to.   Compares a love interest to a shiny diamond (having external and internal beauty …these guys were known for their unparalleled originality…).  This soft rock duo broke up, got back together, disbanded again, and then..who really cares?

best diamond line:  “diamond girl; such a rare thing, radiant child “

6 – Kiss – Black Diamond  – 1975

Are you ready to rock?  Kiss proves to be ahead of their time yet again, as black diamonds have recently been crowed the “coolest.” LINK TO BLOG.  These guys may wear mime make-up, but they sure know how to croon in a rockin’ manner.  This song seems to be about some sort of lovely vagabond who dwells on the street, hence the ‘black diamond’ description.

best diamond line:  “Darkness will fall on the city, It seems to follow you too…”

7 – David BowieDiamond Dogs – 1974

DB is without a doubt a music/style innovator.  This album/title track is about a protagonist, Halloween Jack (possibly a pre-cursor to the Nightmare Before Christmas guy?) and his travels in a post apocalyptic Manhattan – where “Diamond Dogs” (greedy capitalists?) attempt to destroy him.  Among other things.  Definitely a cool term to use for any glittering, yet avaricious types.

best diamond line:  “The Diamond Dogs are poachers and they hide behind trees”

8 – Kylie MinogueWhite Diamond – 2010

This touching song chronicles some of the poignant experiences Kylie went though during her battle with cancer.  A white diamond perfectly symbolizes the strength and brilliance she exhibited during her fight.

best diamond line:  “I got the light that’s gonna treat you right and luminate what’s already there.”

9 – The Bird and the BeeDiamond Dave – 2009

This hipster indie duo released this track about the lady (Inara George) singer’s girlhood crush on David Lee Roth, formerly of the band Van Halen.  “Diamond Dave” was his nickname then, and the song fully explains how he truly was like a diamond: invaluable and completely unique.  The video features geek icons Eric Wareheim and one of the nerds from The Big Bang Theory unsuccessfully doing Diamond Dave impressions.

best diamond line:   “Pretty Dave, I still carry such a flame.”

10 – Ricki Lee – Raining Diamonds – 2011

This super um..upbeat, synth heavy tune by Aussie songstress Ricki Lee Coulter details her philosophy on love: regular affection is not good enough, it better be so intense that priceless gemstones fall from the sky.  Snarkiness aside…it’s pretty catchy.

“best” diamond line:  “Whoa Whoa Whoa – I know that love is more than just surviving; I need it raining diamonds.”

11 – Electric Light Orchestra (ELO)Four Little Diamonds – 1983

This song is the most direct, metaphor-free track on the list.  It’s about a girl who scammed him (the lead singer) into buying her a ring that had 4 little diamonds in it, then cheated on him and ran out like a scoundrel.  …Maybe if he had just gotten her one decent sized diamond…

best diamond line:  “I keep wonderin’ about her, day and night – She probably thinks I was a fool; she’s right.”

12 – Earl J. (Kit) CarsonBig Blue Diamonds – 1950

This oldie is about what most songs from this era are: heartbreak.  It’s simple and really aurally pleasing.  Kit basically wants to get his lady fair a diamond, a gigantic, azure one, to be precise.  Sadly though, he couldn’t afford her expensive tastes and she peaced out.  Aww (but you’re better without her, Kit.)  Many have covered this song over the years, but the original is still the best.

best diamond line:  “Big diamonds, big blue diamonds tell the story of the love that no one man could hold”

Enjoy this sparking batch – more to come!



-Joe Leone