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Understanding Modern Child Custody

via fin6.us
via fin6.us

As with many of the legal tenets associated with divorce, child custody laws vary from state to state.  There are, however, a few basic principles that all states currently comply with when determining how and where a child of separated/divorced parents will reside and be reared.

The phrase typically associated with the determination of which parent will be granted custody of a child (or children) is the “best interests of the child.”  This is what a judge seeks to find during the course of divorce proceedings.  When sole custody is granted, the norm now is to pick the parent that exhibits the most suitable living situation for the child (the best scenario for a child’s mindset and tangible needs).  This differs greatly than the method used up until roughly 40 years ago, where the mother was routinely, and almost automatically, granted full custody.  Unless it was proven that the mother was grossly unfit to care for her child, she would usually be deemed the sole custodian.
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London Marriages Falling Down


It’s the world’s capitol for fish and chips, bangers and mash and now…  irreconcilable marital issues.  Blimey!  London is officially the millennial mecca for divorce.  But why?  Well, like most of the globe’s (no theatrical pun intended) greatest questions, the answer is primarily financial.

It all began in the year 2000, with the benchmark divorce case of “White vs. White.”   Despite the airy and light names attached, the ruling here starkly changed the way divorce law would be viewed forever.  Here the final verdict decided that the “money earner” wouldn’t get to keep all the extra capital after the basic legal financial requirements had been satisfied (ie: alimony, division of property assets), but also the “surplus”, or leftover, cash would be equally allocated to each party.  What this means is that literally everything gets spilt down the middle.  This left the former Mrs. White glowing with happiness, and Mr. White red in the face.

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