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The Most Expensive Divorces in Recorded History – Part 2

If you thought the last installment of divorce proceedings were pricey, just wait ’til you get a load of these expensive divorces in history…

The Real Estate Mogul(’s Son) vs. the Hong Kong Kutie 

Originally granted $1.4 billion by a Hong Kong court, the Court of Appeal there has very recently readjusted that figure to $411 million: that’s what poor Florence Tsang Chiu-wing must somehow learn to live with now.  The savvy solicitor had her initial cash windfall cut by 2/3rds as her ex, Samathur Li Kin-kan (son of Samuel Tak Lee, who runs Prudential Enterprise) just wasn’t happy forking over the initial 1.4 bil.  Neither was his irked Pappa, who made all those HKDollars to begin with.  Their marriage of 8 years allegedly collapsed after Flo caught Sam cheating / he wanted her to terminate a pregnancy.  Lesson: You play = you pay.
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Proposal Stories: Celebrity Style


Celebrities: they’re just like us!  They come up with clever proposals …and extremely trite ones too.  Read on to see which proposal strategies give you chills and which send you directly into a diabetic coma.

Heidi Klum & Seal

Breaking the Seal: The Charming of an Angel 

If you want to make your proposal memorable, then take a cue from this Sea Lion named crooner.  No, he didn’t give her a kiss …from a rose …on a grave…rather he flew her in a private helicopter to the peak of an ice mountain in British Columbia.  Then, to make things twice as nice in the ice, he brought her to an igloo that he had constructed just for the occasion and proposed in there.  Luckily Heidi overcame the case of hypothermia she endured, and only lost three toes to frostbite during the ordeal.
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