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10 Things You Can’t Do While Wearing a Diamond



Having a diamond is great, isn’t it?  You can sparkle in even the faintest of light, make your grubby friends, neighbors and relatives turn a sickly green pallor with envy, and use it to expertly scratch vengeful messages into your enemies’ cars.

Yet all good things must come to an end (never mind that “diamonds are forever” poppycock you may have heard).  Many people easily make the smart decision to sell their diamonds for a nice chunk of change, and for a variety of reasons.  Some need a little quick cash to buy the newest Ferragamo pumps this season, or maybe a black market kidney.  Others may use the money to go on a dream vacation to Dubai, Ibiza or Milwaukee.  Some buy new 25 carat diamonds for their 25th wedding anniversary and use the dough from the sale of their old diamond to pay the tax on that.

Inevitably though, others remain apprehensive.  “I can’t sell my diamond, I might need it for…something!”  Well, for those of you who still hold on to this nonsensical notion, be forewarned: there are actually a host of things you CAN’T do while wearing a diamond ring.  Read on…
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