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Bizarre Tales of Inheritance


When someone inherits assets of some sort, it typically goes something like this: an elderly person has either left money/valuables or sentimental objects to family and loved ones.

The following stories are anything but typical.

Here are some of the most bewildering chronicles of unexpected money mother loads bequeathed to some truly fortuitous folk.  

Now That’s a Tip

One doesn’t go into the table-waiting field at the “Dink Diner” in Chagrin Falls, Ohio with the expectation of really raking it in.  However, that’s exactly what happened to then high school student Cara Woods, who was working night shifts there after soccer practice each day.  A kind, yet sometimes cantankerous elderly regular, the late Bill Cruxton, took quite a shine to the friendly Cara.  So much so, that the childless Cruxton had his will rewritten to include Cara as the sole beneficiary to his half a million dollar estate.  Pays to be nice sometimes.

photo via Associated Press

Don’t Clean for Me, Argentina
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