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Billion Dollar Auction Houses


Where do you go when you want to purchase a Van Gogh original, a Model T Ford (the “Tin Lizzy”) or a 1913 Liberty Head nickel?  The answer is not K-Mart.  Famous works of art, antique luxury items and a whole host of other hard to find (and certified) artifacts are bought up each year at auction houses across the globe.  These institutions, some of which are centuries old, are the most trusted places to go for the highest end antiquities.  Due to the open nature of the auctions held, any person who wants to connect to otherwise insular and specialized markets has the opportunity to do so (as long as they have the capital).  Since reaching the new millennium, numerous auction houses not only have sundry locations, on multiple continents, but also conduct a key amount of business online as well.

This is not just a million dollar industry, it’s a billion dollar one.
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