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Insider Diamond Terms


Everyone knows a few words and phrases associated with diamonds.  “Clarity” is obviously how clear a diamond is.  “Brilliance” refers to its sparkle.  A “blood diamond” is …just bad.  But what in the heck is a “bort?”

Here is some dazzling insider terminology that you can use to impress friends at parties and knock the socks off of any jeweler you come into contact with.


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What are Diamond Enhancements Actually Enhancing?


Part 1: Clarity Enhancements

At Diamond Lighthouse, we’ve had a lot of people asking about “enhanced” diamonds. Whether they’re color treated or clarity enhanced, people want to know what it means, and if it will affect how much they can sell it for. The answer is that though these treatments can make a low-quality diamond look a lot better, they don’t increase the value of a diamond by much, and in some cases, make them much harder to sell. But before we get to that, let’s explain exactly what these treatments are and why they’re performed.

Why does a diamond need enhancing?
Diamonds, being a natural rock that forms deep in the Earth’s core, are rarely perfect. Most diamonds have some kind of flaw. The fewer visible flaws there are, the more valuable the diamond is. The same goes for color. The less color a diamond has (with the exception of certain fancy color diamonds), the more money it will sell for. That’s only the case for natural diamonds though. Diamond enhancements make a diamond appear to have fewer flaws, or appear to have a better color, but since the flaws are still there, the value typically won’t increase. That’s why both the World Jewelry Confederation and the United States Federal Trade Commission require all diamond treatments to be disclosed at the time of sale.

What are clarity enhancements?
Clarity enhancements are treatments that are done to either get rid of or minimize the appearance of blemishes or inclusions. (A blemish is a flaw on the surface of the diamond, and an inclusion is a flaw that reaches the inside of the diamond.) There are two different types of clarity treatments: laser drilling and fracture filling. (They rhyme!) Both address different flaws and both have drastically different effects on the diamond.
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