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Famous Men’s Wedding Bands

Men don’t get much play when it comes to wedding rings in the media, but several style icons are worthy of mention for the expression of themselves and their marriages they wear on their left hands. Here’s a look at some inspiring male celebrity nuptial styles.

David Beckham


Since Posh Spice’s 13 wedding rings get so much attention, it seems that Beckham’s flair for changing his own gets brushed under the rug. One of his most incredible rings is blazed with four rows of diamonds, and a simpler favorite of his is a simple platinum wedding band. When the Beckhams tied the knot in 1999, David wore a not-so-simple platinum piece that boasted square-cut diamonds. Maybe he gets a new one for himself each time he gets one for Victoria!

Chris Pratt


Humorous duo Chris Pratt and Anna Faris have been married since 2009, and Pratt is a simple guy too. He wears the same plain gold wedding band he’s been wearing since before he became the adorably normal yet extraordinary Lego hero and an intergalactic thief-turned-superhero. While they’re not superheroes on the big screen, several pop music superheroes wear simple gold wedding bands too, including Justine Timberlake, who went for a thin design, and Kanye West, who got a thick and surprisingly simple band. When Jay-Z and Beyonce renewed their vows a few years ago, HOVA got a simple gold band too.

Johnny Depp


Not known for following the rules of tradition, Johnny Depp surprised fans and Hollywood aficionados by wearing a delicate women’s ring on his ring finger—but it wasn’t just any girly ring. The ring belonged to his fiancé, Amber Heard. The media wasted no time speculating about its meaning, even though Depp himself said the meaning of it was obvious. The couple were wed in a small ceremony on an island in February 2015.

President Barack Obama


The Commander-in-Chief’s wedding band became the subject of debate after an article in a right-wing newspaper pointed out that he wore it before his wedding and that it was from Indonesia. The newspaper essentially said the ring indicated he was a “closet Muslim” because they alleged it had an inscription on it, while many other sources simply marveled at its intricate design. The accusation seems to have been deemed ludacris, now having its own page under the “Urban Legend” category on about.com. The ring itself is a gold band with elegantly etched wavy patterns—not inscriptions—around its entirety that was made in an Indonesian town where he lived for three years while he was a boy.

Prince William


In what Americans thought was a rebellious move, Prince William is going against tradition and joining the ranks of the Duke of Edinburgh, who shirked the wedding band idea altogether. While many people seemed slightly outraged by his choice, spokespeople for the British royals simply explained that it was simply because His Highness “isn’t one for jewelry.”

Jeremy Renner


Hawkeye of Avengers: Age of Ultron had his eye on privacy when he married Sonni Pachecho last year in a marriage that sadly dissolved pretty quickly. Even though his marriage didn’t last, his style did, with Renner’s thick tungsten band fitting in with a very popular style for modern men.

It seems the market for men’s unusual and original wedding bands is picking up due to closer media attention to the cost of marriage and more advice on how to save big bucks on items that used to be deemed necessary. Necessity has borne originality as well, making room for more sparkle in men’s jewelry. If you have a diamond to sell, you can capitalize on the growing market for prettier men’s jewelry with Diamond Lighthouse.