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Where’d You Find That Diamond??


This past summer a diamond fell from the sky.  More specifically, a diamond ring, attached to two blue, deflated helium balloons landed in a Tuscaloosa, Alabama, family’s backyard.  But that’s not the first time a diamond  has surfaced in an utterly bizarre location.

Flushed Love

A local Detroit woman, Ashley Cook, was giving her porcelain bathroom bowl a good cleansing in May, 2012, when she noticed something more sparkly than usual in there.  She plucked out a golden wedding band, fully ensconced in diamonds.  After  (hopefully) washing it off, she spied that it had an engraving: “Christina and Jerry forever.”  And who says romance is dead?  The most likely explanation is that the ring came through the sewage pipes and found a new home in her toilet.  Awww. Continue reading Where’d You Find That Diamond??