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Alternative Stones – Part Two

This past summer we released an article on some of the amazing diamond alternatives out there.  However, we only scratched the surface (something that’s admittedly hard to do with diamonds…) of the vast array of alluring, provocative and sometimes beguiling gemstones at our collective disposal.  Here is a compilation of just some of the enchanting stones available that you can use in place of, or in addition to, diamond jewelry.

Ammolite – is one of the most intriguing gemstones ever discovered.  Found in fossils of ammonites (predator squids that went extinct 66 million years past), “Fractured Ammolite” has one of the most eye catching color schematics of any gem: iridescent spectrums encompassing practically every brilliant color under the sun.  Pure Ammolite will mostly appear as red or green, with blue and violet shades being more scarce.  Worn by Native Americans for fortuitous hunts, Ammolite today is ideal for anyone dauntless who loves to be bold.

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Anniversary Gemstone Gift List – The First Decade Together

photo via Queensbee.ru
photo via Queensbee.ru

Congratulations!  You’ve made it to yet another anniversary with your beloved spouse.  Now let’s get down to what’s truly important, what people really care about: the gifts.  Each year that a couple can claim as part of a life lived together has a specific designation for presents.  Most people are familiar with the big ones (25th anniversary is Silver, 50th is Gold), but there are some very interesting, lesser ones as well, including Pottery for your 9th (…um) and Lace for the 13th (va-va-voom).  But let’s talk about what you really want for your anniversary presents: gems! Continue reading Anniversary Gemstone Gift List – The First Decade Together