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Facing The Final (Bankruptcy) Chapter: 7


akaWhen Liquid Assets Leak Out

So what exactly is “Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?”  Well…it’s not good.

The notorious yet somewhat arcane Chapter 7 is when you declare (yes, from the rooftops, in a joyous, mellifluous bellow!) personal bankruptcy, and any assets you possess are liquidated in order to settle your insurmountable debts.  This is pretty much a last resort, when you’ve sunken into a financial abyss so grave that your only hope of escape is to relinquish all your worldly possessions.  As the online legal symposium findlaw.com reports: “Bankruptcy will ruin your credit for some time to come.”  What happens is,  a legal “trustee” (this term makes them sound like someone comforting that you can confide in, but in actuality they can be viewed as rapacious reapers of all your remaining objects of worth) is put in charge of determining what you indeed do own and which of these things can be transmogrified into tangible cash.  The end result is that you may now be utterly destitute…but at least you’re no longer in debt.

Sounds like either Dante’s 5th or possibly 6th stage of hell, correct?
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Diamond Enhancements – Part 2: Color Enhancements


Earlier we talked about treatments that enhance the clarity of diamonds and why you should probably stay away from them. Today we’re talking about the other enhancement: color treatments. These treatments are generally performed on diamonds that would receive a low color grade from the GIA. They can turn a diamond white or colorless, or if desired, can create fancy colored diamonds. Just like clarity enhancements, both the World Jewelry Confederation and the Federal Trade Commission require any color treatments to be disclosed at the time of sale. So what are these color treatments? And are they to be avoided like clarity enhanced diamonds? Let’s start with the different types of treatments. The three most common color treatments are coating, irradiation and “High Pressure, High Temperature,” or HPHT.

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Where is the best place to Sell Diamonds? Welcome to Diamond Lighthouse


Diamond Lighthouse is an exciting sister company of Diamond Dynamics, a diamond dealing business with thirty years of diamond buying and selling experience.  When it comes to selling diamonds online, there is no rival.  We help the diamond owning public sell their diamond jewelry online in a revolutionary new way.  Far preferable to selling your diamonds at a pawn shop (where you will get a fraction of its true worth), or placing your diamond jewelry into engagement ring or wedding ring consignment (where you will receive similarly low offers, or none at all), when you decide to sell your unwanted diamonds with Diamond Lighthouse, we make sure you get the highest possible price for it.  Why?  Because we don’t buy diamonds, we help you sell them.  We take a commission from the sale (10% on diamonds 1 carat and higher), so it’s in our best interest to ensure that when you sell diamond jewelry online with us, you get the most money possible.  It’s a win-win.
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