Spring Cleaning: Alternative Style


Wonderful things seem to be blossoming all around, don’t they?  Seedlings bud, birds gleefully chirp and solar rays gently warm your face.  Spring is in the air, and subsequently in your step.  After an unfathomably long and stuffy winter you finally fling the windows open and breathe in the fresh, fragrant air.  “Time for some serious spring cleaning,” you firmly state out loud, prompting your cat to look at you quizzically.

However, this transitional time of renewal and cleansing doesn’t have to be strictly relegated to your home furnishings.  Yes, it’s the ideal season to scour your carpets, floors, shutters and gazebos – but there’s a whole other faction of clutter that you can expunge from your life with ease.  Yes, this specific list refers to dissolving those things that can seriously weigh down one’s consciousness and spirit.

Get ready for a cathartic journey into the realm of the metaphorically immaculate.

Mental Maximization


Clearing one’s mind is just as important as weeding through one’s junk drawer.   Be aware, though, that true, deep meditation is not something that can be achieved overnight.  Luckily there are a few simple steps you can take to at least get in the correct direction of the path to enlightenment.  Here are the basic types of meditation and how you can delve into each.  For still/mindful meditation, you focus on an object or mantra.  While your primary concentration is this one static thing or phrase, you are still aware of other events occurring around you.  Take a deep breath in, and then release it in a succession of three shorter breaths.  This will help dissipate stress and unwanted reflection.  If you’re the more active type, you can try the mobile meditation version, where you walk to help clear obtrusive thoughts away.  The repetition of motion is key here.  More rigorous movements such as yoga or Tai Chi can be employed as well.  Last there is the concentration mediation: the recitation of a prayer is the key ingredient to this one.  You say the prayer to yourself, over and over, blocking out all other external thoughts.  Whichever method you prefer, once you start the exploration of an unburdened and pristine mind, you may just get hooked.

Terminating Toxins


While the New Year is often synonymous with promises to start eating right and caring for your system, it can be excruciatingly difficult during those frigid winter months to actually do so.  It’s not until the zesty breezes of spring ripple through your hair that this really seems feasible.  The inception of detoxification begins with eliminating the ubiquitous toxins that surround us on a daily basis.  Yes, these include some of the most appealing, the guilty pleasures: caffeine, alcohol, refined sugar, saturated fats and smoking of any nature.  Try to also avoid household cleansers and anything with chemicals that could be detrimental to your system.  Hop into a sauna and sweat out all the bad stuff that you can.  There’s even a thing called “hydrotherapy” you may want to try, where you alternate super hot, five minute long showers with 30 second intervals of freezing water.  Now, let’s get into what you should be putting in.  Start with the most essential of life giving fluids: water (no less than two quarts a day).  Fiber, and lots of it (fresh fruit, nuts, the works).  Down some green tea to start the liver purification process.  Dandelion root, milk thistle and the bizarrely named ‘burdock’ will all also aid in boosting that precious liver.  Don’t forget vitamin C, the liver’s BFF supplement.  Get in as much exercise as your body will allow, too.  Nothing says “farewell personal contamination” like a good, hearty jog.  Of course, consult with a doctor before doing anything that is going to potentially impact your health.  After you’ve given your body the spring cleaning it so rightly deserves, you mind will be highly appreciative too.

Email Eradication


“This doesn’t take up any actual space, why should I bother?” you may be skeptically wondering.  The answer is that it does take up space; in the small part of your mind that strives for order and organization.  Accomplishing this task is quite simple, too.  Either start with most recent ones and work your way backwards in time or vice versa – whichever chronological direction you prefer.  Now, you may be a virtual hoarder and not want to delete old emails.  There’s nothing to fret over in this case; just make some folders and place the elder emails into the appropriate ones.  One of the tangential benefits of this email purification process is that you will inadvertently be reminded of fun or useful things you wanted to accomplish at one time or another, or even people you’ve wanted to reestablish contact with.  Now hit that inbox and start clickin’.

Closet Condensing


Ever lusted at the idea of having someone from California Closets come over and make sense of your overstuffed closet space?  Well, you can achieve a highly organized and functioning closet without having to incur the cost of a professional service.  The first, and most important step, is to remove all of the items within, sort through them …and get rid of half.  Sorry, that’s how it works.  If you haven’t worn a shirt, dress, ascot or corset in over a year, it goes in the donation pile.  Giving your gently worn clothes to charity will having you feeling like a magnanimous philanthrope with a cooly monastic temperament.  The zen-like approach you can then take to rebuilding your closet’s infrastructure will yield eye opening results.  Without all those cumbersome extras weighing you down, you can have a beautifully functional closet (without even needing to build new shelving units or gravity defying shoe racks.)

Jewelry Jettisoning


Now that your mind, body and closet are clean, you’re ready to tackle the final chapter of alternative spring cleaning: the jewelry box.  Regardless of gender or stature, many individuals are in possession of some sort of sparkly and valuable baubles.  Some people flaunt these expensive trinkets around town, proudly donning their accoutrements to stately galas and the mall.  Godspeed to those individuals.  Now, for a large portion of the population that possess just such jewelry but have not let these items see the light of day since the Carter administration, there is something else that can be done.  These pieces of authentic jewelry can be extracted from their dusty, mini mausoleums (jewelry boxes) and sold for an abundant profit.  There’s no sense in leaving an old diamond ring, for instance, hidden away like that.  Taking into account inflation, diamonds are not known to appreciate in value.  Holding on to them will not yield a greater sum down the road.  The time to sell is now!  Of course, you need to do this in the proper manner in order to ensure the receipt of the diamond jewelry’s actual worth.  Enter Diamond Lighthouse.  We don’t buy diamonds, we help you sell them.  With 30 years experience in the industry, and a revolutionary new way for people to sell diamonds in place, we will help you realize the highest possible price for your old and unused diamond jewelry.  Find out all the ins and outs of how it works here, hear from our satisfied clients here, and check out everything you ever wanted to know about diamonds here.  Once you sell your old diamond jewelry and are enjoying the profits, you will feel a significant weight off your shoulders as you spring on down the road of happiness.

Now let’s spring to it and get started!


-Joe Leone


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