Shiny Diamonds: How Diamond Cut Affects Scintillation

Is there anything more radiant than a superbly cut diamond? We’re all drawn to the fire-like flashes of light and sparkle that beam out of the diamonds. Called the ‘brilliance’ or the ‘fire,’ this trait is what makes diamond sparkle with an intense fire-esque light when looked in bright luminescence. In fact, it’s what made diamond such a lucrative and appealing gem in the first place.

Talking physics, diamonds don’t radiate their own light; that’s why they don’t sparkle in darkness. The fire-like sparkles are actually because of diamonds reflecting incoming light.

If you have been to jewelers that sell diamonds, I bet you’ve wondered why do certain diamonds give off more “fire” than others? How does diamond’s cut influence scintillation?Herein, we shall take a quick look at how diamond cut affects the sparkle.

First Things First: What’s Scintillation?

In the world of gemology, scintillation is a technical term that refers to the aforementioned fire-like sparkle that’s given out by a diamond when you, the rock or the light moves. While you should consider all 4C’s of a diamond (the color, carat, cut, and clarity) when you want to buy or sell diamonds, it’s the cut that matters the most to scintillation.

Why Is the Diamond Cut Crucial?

The cut is an incredibly important feature, especially if you want to sell diamonds and fetch big bucks. The allure behind diamond’s cut lies behind how it influences the sparkle and brilliance of a diamond. In other words, if the cutter does a bang-up job, all the facets will come out fantastic. More importantly, the way these facets are organized and shaped often play a crucial role in how light entering the rock will be refracted (bend) inside or reflected back to your eyes.

If a diamond is cut precisely, with all facets well demarcated, its ability to shine will be maximized. Simply put, a well-cut diamond has the best scintillation, and the more the rock deviates from its ideal cut, the less radiant it will be. As such, a highly proportional diamond cut leads to more brilliance and conceals more flaws inside the rock.

In practice, a jeweler places an uncut stone in a device that analyzes its structure. This way, the jeweler can get a good feel for the right balance between ideal cut and carat weight. Generally, a good cut is neither too shallow nor too deep. At the end of the day, however, it is you who can tell which cut works best for you.

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