Today, it is impossible to turn on the television without seeing advertising from companies promising that they will pay hundreds for your old jewelry. These companies prey on the average jewelry owner who does not know the value of their diamond jewelry. Gold is often marked with the carat, making it somewhat easier to identify its worth, but when it comes to gemstones like diamonds, determining worth is much more difficult. To complicate matters more, it is often difficult to tell a real diamond from a synthetic diamond or crystal. Therefore, it is important to have the stone examined by a GIA-certified expert. At Diamond Lighthouse, our experts examine every stone they receive in order to determine each one resale value. When you work with us, you know you are getting an honest evaluation when you are selling your diamond jewelry. Going through a broker is an excellent way to sell diamond jewelry. Diamond Lighthouse specializes in diamond jewelry brokering, giving you full control throughout the process, and your jewelry remains yours until the sale is finalized. We locate buyers who are looking for diamond jewelry like yours and work with them to get you the best possible price. Once you receive the best offer, we close the sale and send the money directly to you.

To learn more, contact Diamond Lighthouse today online or by telephone at 212-776-0003. Our helpful, friendly, knowledgeable staff can walk you through the entire process. At Diamond Lighthouse, you’ll know you are getting the best possible price.