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Your diamond is safe with DiamondLighthouse.

Diamonds sold safely by diamond lighthouse from $3000-$190.000 and more no diamond is too big or too small, as long as it is more than one carat, then we are good to go.

And remember since we work on commissions we want to sell your diamond for more not for less like other companies that want to buy it from you for less than its worth and then to resell it for a profit.

To Sell your diamond today, send us some basic information about your diamond, and you will get an initial estimate by email, plus you can compare our pricing against anyone out there.

100% Seller Protection

Up to $40K returens next-gen video surveillance every step of the way plus full money seller protection guarantee.

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Round brilliant, Oval brilliant, Rose cut, Round brilliant, Cushion brilliant, Rose cut, Step cut, octagon, Pear brilliant, Step cut, oblong, Cabochon, Lentil-shaped, Standard Round, Benchmark Crown, Height Pavilion depth Table, diameter Girdle, Cushion Cut Diamond, Emerald Cut Diamonds, Asscher Cut Diamonds, thickness Crown, Radiant Cut Diamonds, Heart Shaped Diamonds, Pear Shaped Diamonds, Marquise Diamond, Oval Diamonds, Princess Cut Diamonds, Round Diamonds, angle Pavilion
angle Brilliance, AGA grade, American Standard, Eulitz Brilliant, Ideal Brilliant, Parker Brilliant, Practical Fine Cut, Loose Diamond, GIA Diamond, Scandinavian Standard and more..

Diamond Lighthouse accepts diamonds from 1 Carat Diamond and up.

 How to Sell Diamonds Online

Part one

Sell Brand Diamond Jewelry online:
Top 10 diamond jewelry brands
Harry Winston, Cartier, Tiffany & Co, De Beers, Chopard, Van Cleef & Arpels, Graff,
Forevermark, David Yurman Buccellati, Bvlgari, Tacori, Boucheron, James Allen and more.

Step 1 Send us your item information by clicking here
Please note To give you an accurate estimate of your diamond’s value, Please kindly send us a copy of your Appraisal or certificate / Receipt or any other Documents, You can email it to us at

Step 2. Transportation/Shipping
To know the precise specifications of your diamond jewelry, our certified Gemologists will need to evaluate it in our lab. If you’re in the NYC area, you can make an appointment with us for a free, comprehensive, in-house evaluation. If you are not able to make an appointment, though, don’t worry; we offer FREE, fully-insured, overnight Shipping Packages so that you can safely send your diamond to our lab. Each package is equipped with an RFID tag and Tamper-Evident tape to ensure that, from the moment it leaves your hands, your diamond jewelry is safe and secure.

Step 2. Evaluation
As soon as your package arrives, our gemologists will open it on video and perform a full evaluation for you to watch at your convenience. If your diamond is in a setting, we may remove your diamond from its setting, but only with your permission. Your diamond jewelry will be fully insured for its highest estimated resale value while it is in our possession.

Step 3. Sale
Next, we’ll showcase your diamond to an elite network of expert buyers and dealers in the diamond industry. Any offers made on your diamond will appear in your Online Account (Learn How it Works) where you can view all of your offers’ pertinent details. You can accept or reject any offers directly from your Online Account! Once you’ve accepted an offer, we will close the sale on your behalf. We only take a small commission on the sale, so we aim to get you the highest offer possible. We make money when you make money! 

How To Sell
My Diamond Online
Part Two

What diamond jewlery I can sell with Diamond Lightouse?
You can:
Sell Your Diamond earrings
Sell Your Loose Diamonds
Sell Engagement Ring
Sell Diamond Rings
Sell GIA Diamonds Online
Sell Your Wedding Ring
Sell Diamond Ring
Sell 1 Carat Diamond and up
In our network we also have Large Diamond Buyers
meanin for the more expensive diamonds.

Diamond Lighthouse also Buy's Colorless and Near-Colorless diamonds such as
D-F Color Diamonds (Highest Quality)
Near Colorless Diamonds
I-J Color Diamonds
G-H Color Diamonds

Get the best price for your diamond it's free and with no obligation.
all you need to do is send us your Diamonds information, and we will do the rest.

Solitaire Ring
Timeless choice, of a single stone and a plain setting, simple and elegant.

Pave Ring
Small diamonds lace the band, giving the appearance of a luminous, solid diamond surface.

Channel Set Ring
Side diamonds are embedded without prongs into the channel groove sturdy setting.

Side-Stone Ring
Side diamonds bring out the brilliance of the center diamond, creating a true 'statement piece.

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Sell 1 Carat Diamonds Online
Are you looking for the best price and place to sell your diamond? However, a lack of experience and knowledge about the facets of the niche industry could fetch a ridiculously low price for every 1-carat diamond worth your priciest possession! Fear not, trust us, and we can make the whole process first and simple for you. Diamond Lighthouse could be your one-stop destination when you want to "Sell Diamonds Online."
We are a commission based brand, looking to sell your diamond only to the highest bidder without putting any obligation. So, if you are here to walk away with the most cash for your gem in the fastest possible time, stick around.

Who Are We?
We accept new and pre-owned diamonds with a minimum of 1-carat diamond in all forms and sizes. In the past years, Diamond Lighthouse has gained profound experience and appreciation from a tall-list of happy customers from around the world. We help you trade your diamond for the best price in terms of its quality and craftsmanship. We aim to bring your exotic piece to a leading network of private diamond buyers who are ready to pay exactly the price a 1-carat diamond worth. 

How To Sell Your Diamond Online
Deciding to sell diamonds online can be highly profitable if you go about it correctly. The most important aspect is finding the best place where to sell a diamond ring, bracelet, necklace, earrings, or another type of diamond jewelry. At Diamond Lighthouse, we eliminate the hazards of trying to sell your diamonds to a jeweler or pawn shop by linking you directly with the most reputable and trusted buyers in the business.

We do not buy your diamond; we help you sell it. We take a commission (10%) from your sale to these exclusive buyers. Hence we strive to get you the most significant amount of money conceivable when you sell diamond rings, earrings, bracelets or loose, large diamonds.

How to Sell my diamond ring online
When looking where to sell a diamond ring or jewelry, there are many places you should avoid.
First, when you sell your diamond online, you need to watch out for several things. If you are attempting to sell your diamond through a website such as Craigslist, can not only cause you to lose your diamond by scammers but your account information can be compromised as well.

It's safe to say that Craigslist is not the best choice when it comes to selling your diamond ring or other diamond jewelry.

Unlike other companies that want to bring your price down, we work on commissions, and so we want to sell your diamond to the highest bidder, so if getting the most cash for your diamond is important to you then you want to stick around.

Other online places that buy diamond rings and other diamond jewelry may not provide a physical address for their company, and if anything goes wrong when you sell your diamond to them, you can have a tough time in rectifying the problem.

Even in dealing with a more reputable online sales site, such as eBay, the reality is that only a minuscule percentage of diamonds on the website also sell at all. Plus, the likelihood that the people who will pay the most for your diamond, actual diamond dealers, will be looking here online for diamond rings and jewelry is highly unlikely.

If you think a pawn shop or jeweler is a correct place where to sell a diamond ring, you will most likely be disappointed to find that they will offer you a meager amount for any of your diamond jewelry. They need to resell all diamonds and jewelry to make a profit, so they do not have your best interests in mind.

Sell Your Diamond Online
You need to know exactly where to sell a diamond ring to get the best price. The only way to sell your diamonds is to a professional diamond dealer or diamond buyer. On your own, it can be near impossible to get in contact with them, as they do not like to deal with the general public, who often do not own quality diamonds.

Luckily for you, and us, we at Diamond Lighthouse have over three decades of experience in the diamond industry, with many long-standing relationships with these diamond dealers and diamond buyers. They count on us to bring them large diamonds, diamond rings and diamond jewelry of a certain caliber.

They are willing to offer the best price possible for your diamond, and you are free to choose whichever offer you want. When you sell your diamonds with Diamond Lighthouse, you are in complete control, and will ultimately be extremely happy that you chose us. You will no longer need to seek where to sell a diamond ring once you come to Diamond Lighthouse: we are hands down the best place where to sell a diamond ring, a diamond necklace, diamond earrings or another form of diamond jewelry.

Sell Your Diamond Online With Diamond Lighthouse

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