At Diamond Lighthouse, we will help to make this sensitive transition as seamless as possible, while ensuring you receive the absolute best price when you sell your engagement ring, your wedding ring, or both. The entire process is quite simple, yet highly effective. When you are ready to sell your diamond engagement ring and/or your diamond wedding ring, just contact Diamond Lighthouse and we will send a fully insured and secure overnight shipping package to you, through Fedex. You are then able to track the precise progression of your engagement or wedding ring online, through a portal which we create for you. When we receive your diamond ring at our offices in the Diamond District of Manhattan, one of our expert gemologists opens your ring package, and everything is recorded on video, which you can easily access on your portal. The gemologist then performs a comprehensive evaluation of your diamond engagement ring or diamond wedding ring (or both) and then compiles an extensive marketplace comparison. Now we are ready to sell your diamond ring together. We then take your engagement/wedding ring to our elite network of diamond buyers and dealers, all of whom seek to outbid each other for your ring. You then are able to choose the best offer (again, readily accessible in your portal), and we transfer the money to you in an extremely quick fashion. In the end, you will be very happy that you made the decision to sell your engagement/wedding ring. The relief you feel at taking this important step in proceeding with your future will be just as great as the satisfaction you feel in getting the best possible price for your diamond rings.